Grove 4-Pin 30 cm Cables (Pack of 5)

Grove 4-Pin 30 cm Cables (Pack of 5)

Grove 4-Pin 30 cm Cables (Pack of 5)
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Want to multiply the number of cables you use in your assemblies? Why not, provided you use the right ones! This pack of five 30-cm long 4-pin cables compatible with the Grove base shield have what it takes to make sure you connect your components in a crystal clear manner – the first step on the road to success!
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Pack of 5 Grove 30 cm cables: 4 different colours for clear mounting and fast prototyping!

In a typical electronic project, pins 1 and 2 are attributed to power and earth, and pins 3 and 4 to the signal outputs. The best way to avoid getting all tangled up? Assign a recognisable colour to each pin. Which is exactly what you’ll find with this pack of 5 Grove cables – yellow for pin 1, white for pin 2, red for pin 3 and black for pin 4. Everything in its place!

Grove 4-Pin 30 cm Cables (Pack of 5): just the right length for efficient point-to-point connections!

You don’t use a 30 cm Grove 4-pin cable the same way you would a 5 cm or 50 cm cable. Which is why our site offers a choice of 5 different and judiciously selected lengths, to meet all your project needs!

Technical specifications of the pack of 5 Grove 4-Pin Cables 30 cm

  • 5 Grove-compatible 4-pin cables
  • Length: 30 cm
  • 1 colour for each pin: red, yellow, black, white

 It is possible to buy Grove cables of different sizes:

Resources for the pack of 5 Grove 4-Pin Cables 30 cm

If you’re having difficulty deciding which cable length you should choose for your pack of 5 Grove 4-Pin Cables, make sure you take a look at this little guide:

How to choose your cables guide

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