Module écran tactile LCD 4.3’’ Arduino

Arduino 4.3” Touchscreen LCD Module

SparkFun | A-000000-02069

The 4.3” Touchscreen LCD Module is designed specifically for Arduino users wishing to develop programs in which touch technology plays an important part.

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Size Chart

4.3” Touchscreen LCD for Arduino: smart compatibility

Programming an Arduino project with a touchscreen is no easy task: not only will a touchscreen LCD use most of your Arduino’s resources, but you’ll also need lots of connection cables – which isn’t ideal if you want your creation to be compact.

The ULCD-43-PT Arduino touchscreen by Sparkfun benefits from the 4D system, meaning the necessary controllers are embedded directly in the resistive LCD.

In this case it’s an Arduino LCD 100% compatible with the famous microcontroller, since it includes a 4D adapter shield designed especially for Arduino. Connect the shield, then the Arduino display to your microcontroller using the ribbon cable supplied, and you’re ready to go.

Learn more about 4D Systems Touch LCD Screens in this video presentation

Lines, text, images: a multitude of possibilities

The ULCD-43-PT display sends its serial commands directly to your Arduino, which interprets and processes them instantly. Technically speaking, this means you can not only draw primitives (lines, squares, circles, etc.), but also display images and play sounds that can be stored on a uSD card.

The open-source Workshop4 programming environment also allows you to combine the possibilities offered by both Visi-Genie and Arduino to create your own graphics!

Technical specifications of the ULCD-43-PT Arduino Display Module

  • ULCD-43-PT display module with resistive touch
  • 4D Arduino adapter shield
  • 5-pin ribbon cable (please note, this is not a programming cable)
  • Powered directly from the Arduino 5V bus
  • Compatible USB-to-serial adapter not included (required for programming)


Resources for the Arduino LCD

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