610-mm Flex Cable for Raspberry Pi Camera

610-mm Flex Cable for Raspberry Pi Camera

610-mm Flex Cable for Raspberry Pi Camera
Adafruit Industries | A-000000-01962
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What if you swapped your good old 150-mm Raspberry Pi camera ribbon cable for a slightly longer, but just as effective ribbon cable? The 610-mm Flex Cable sold by Adafruit will help you take a step back!
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610-mm Flex Cable for the Raspberry Pi camera: things look just as good from a distance

The Raspberry Pi camera module allows you to send high-quality images to your Raspberry Pi using a CSI bus, dedicated to carrying pixels, and a flexible cable supplied to connect your camera to your board. The cable that comes with the module is 150 mm long.

Using a longer cable gives you more freedom when designing projects on Raspberry Pi. And you can rest assured, the result is identical in terms of data transfer!

610-mm Flex Cable for Raspberry Pi Camera video presentation (12:27)

60-cm Raspberry Pi cable: simply open and connect

Nothing could be simpler to use than a Raspberry Pi Flex Cable – except perhaps another Raspberry Pi cable, but just a bit longer! Carefully open your Pi’s CSI connector, slip your cable in and you’re ready to go!

Technical specifications of the Flex Cable for Raspberry Pi

  • Dimensions: 610 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 4.6 g


Resources for the 610 mm Flex Cable

Below are two useful links to help you come up with new Raspberry Pi video project ideas!

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