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Electronics and Robotics

Electronics and Robotics

Chassis, spare parts, servomotors, prototyping kits, with or without soldering, Arduino boards, measurement devices... All roboticists wanting to get their hand's dirty will find here everything needed to build customized mobile robots!


  • Arduino

    Arduino is THE rising technology to create countless electronic circuits for home automation, rapid prototyping or programmable robots.

    Arduino is a brand of open-source hadware. It includes a set of programmable boards on which you can you can connect other optional boards called Shields.

    Arduino offers a simple input-output in…

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  • Raspberry Pi

    Raspberry Pi is a micro computer powerful enough to run Linux... at the lowest price! Raspberry Pi is a great mainboard for your robots. 

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  • Grove System

    Grove system is based on ready-to-use modules which will make your electronics projects simpler. The Grove system is based on base shield, modules and standardized connectors. Each module has a main function, that you will use easily thanks to the code and documentation available online.

    Grove is a powerful technological platform to cre…

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  • Actuators and servomotors

    Servomotors big or small, analog or digital, you will find here everything to make your robots move.

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  • LittleBits

    LittleBits are electronic components that you can quickly assemble into an electronic circuit. The main idea behind this is to enable beginners to get creative and quickly start to create some fun inventions (no soldering or breadboards needed). Each set let you explore a different field (Internet of Things, music, education, smart home, etc).<…

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  • Tools and materials

    Soldering kits, measure devices and even material to shape by hand... all essential roboticist's equipement.

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  • Structure and chassis

    Whelled or caterpiller chassis, for indoors or outdoors robots... the base your your next custom  mobile robot is here.

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  • Power supply

    Find in this section everything related to power supply for your robots: charger, batteries, converters, regulators, solar panels... 

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  • Sensors

    One of the main characteristic of a robot is to perceive the world around him and also to obtain information on himself. These proprioceptive data and the information it retrieves on what surrounds it, the robot will use it to move and to manipulate its environment ... The degree of autonomy of the robot is dependent on the program and algorith…

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  • Communication

    One of the main characteristic of a robot is its ability to communicate, either between its components, or with other robots or remote computers. This category gathers all radio or wired communication modules for your robot. Whether you use standard radio protocols such as Xbee, Bluetooth, Wifi, or whether you need standard wired communication …

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  • Leds, Cameras and Screens

    Display any useful information on your robot using Led and screens. You will also find here our cameras and webcams!

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  • Microcontrollers and development boards

    Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ODROID, LinkIt ONE, Intel Edison... You will without a doubt find here the command center of your robot!

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  • Haut-parleurs et accessoires

    Different speaker modules to slide into your electronic and robotic projects.

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