Wireless Gamepad for Arduino
Wireless Gamepad for Arduino
Wireless Gamepad for Arduino

Wireless Gamepad for Arduino

DFRobot | A-000000-01618

Treat yourself to a genuine Arduino-compatible gamepad, inspired by the famous DualShock by Sony. Your mobile robots and other robotics creations will never have been so well controlled!


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DFR0182 Gamepad for Arduino by DFRobot: control your robotics projects on Arduino

This Arduino controller by DFRobot has a highly flexible communication system – its XBee socket allows you to send commands via Bluetooth, WiFi or radio frequencies, making this gamepad compatible with the wireless modules in the same series.

The controller looks very much like the famous PlayStation® gamepad, with lots of commands for creating your very own Arduino joystick!

A new and improved version 2 of the DFRobot Arduino wireless gamepad

The Arduino DFR0182 controller allows you to control mobile platforms, robotic devices and other UAVs designed on Arduino with precision. This second version of the gamepad has some significant new features:

  • It’s compatible with Arduino Leonardo, so you no longer need to use an FTDI programmer, you can do everything with the micro USB cable; and
  • It has two vibration motors with specific drivers: when your robot runs into an obstacle, spots an “enemy” or picks up an object (depending on the program), the gamepad can vibrate to inform you it’s succeeded.


Technical specifications of the DFRobot Gamepad for Arduino

  • Power supply: 3 AAA batteries or micro USB
  • Programmable inputs:
    • 2 analogue sticks
    • 1 D-pad
    • 10 buttons
    • 2 joystick buttons
  • Programmable interface: micro USB via the small adapter included
  • Bootloader: Arduino Leonardo
  • Includes a Turbo button used to reset the controller
  • Status LEDs:
    • Red: battery level
    • Green: RX indicator
  • Integrated two-way motor driver
  • Vibration function
  • XBee socket included
  • Compatible with XBee series wireless modules: Bluetooth Bee, RF Bee and WiFi Bee


Resources for the DFR0182 Gamepad for Arduino

Below you’ll find the 3 main sources of information for operating the DFR0182 Gamepad for Arduino:

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