Grove LCD RGB Display

Grove LCD RGB Display

Grove LCD RGB Display
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Adjust the background colour of your display as you like with the Grove LCD RGB 2 x 16-character display, economical on power... and connections!

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Grove colour LCD module: your display, your choice

Not only does this Grove LCD display enable you to adjust the colour of the backlight (or create a wonderful rainbow if you feel like it!), but it also supports a wide range of user-defined characters. And it consumes less than 60 mA!

Grove RGB display: use fewer I/O pins

The Grove LCD display communicates with your microcontroller (Seeeduino or compatible) via the I2C bus. 2 I/O pins only are required, relieving I/Os for other challenging tasks. A Grove 4-pin cable is included for a direct connection to your Grove board ( Base Shield or Mega Shield).

Technical specifications of the Grove LCD display

  • Power supply: 5V
  • Consumption: 60 mA
  • CGROM: 10880 bits
  • CGRAM: 64 × 8 bits
  • RGB backlight
  • Built-in English and Japanese fonts
  • I2C communication: uses only two I/Os (SDA and SCL)
  • LCD display: 2 × 16-character lines
  • Dimensions: 84 × 45 × 13 mm


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