Cozmo Educational Robot

Cozmo Educational Robot

Anki | A-000000-03199

Cozmo was a firm favourite over Christmas 2017, and became the best buddy of lots of children both in France and the rest of the world. Cozmo is an educational robot that opens a first door to the world of electronics and robotics. He is also a one-of-a-kind type of guy that children can laugh and play with.


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Say hello to Cozmo, your new playful, passionate, intelligent, funny friend!

With his eyes and his ultra-expressive little noises, Cozmo appeals to both the young and old... chances are you’ll fall in love at first sight. You have to admit, he’s as endearing as a cartoon character.

This educational robot designed by Anki can react to and interact with his environment, for example by avoiding obstacles or by playing with you and his 3 illuminated cubes. But be warned, Cozmo is also a formidable opponent who won’t easily let you win – he’s not exactly a good loser either! Each game discovered in his company opens the door to more. As for Cozmo, the more fun he has, the more quickly he evolves!

Anki’s cute robot is even smarter than he looks, because little by little he learns to know and recognise you, then reacts accordingly. He also adapts to his environment, and makes decisions that vary depending on his mood. You’ve been warned, Cozmo is quite a character!

A constantly reinvented educational robot

To make Cozmo as appealing and fun as possible, Anki has pulled off some impressive technical feats. This small Wall-E-like mobile robot is literally packed with all sorts of sensors and applications. Not only is Cozmo able to recognise faces and react accordingly, but he can also learn an infinite number of new activities – any you invent for him!

Thanks to his iOS and Android compatible Code Lab app, you’ll be able to program Cozmo using the Sandbox and Builder modes, two visual programming interfaces similar to Scratch:

  • The Sandbox mode allows you to take your first steps as a programmer. Simply assemble the action, emotion and reaction blocks in the desired order to determine your robot’s behaviour. These different sequences allow you to control the movements, actions and reactions of Cozmo, or to create an event you can then experience with your companion.
  • The Builder mode gives you access to Cozmo’s more advanced features. You can for example set up more complex programs, action sequences, or give Cozmo the ability to save certain data, such as the score of your last game.

Cozmo is therefore a great educational robot, ideal from primary all the way through to engineering school because of his countless development possibilities.

More advanced users can program Cozmo on Python and SLAM, and there is also a dedicated SDK. When you’re not working with him on a new project, you can use him as a central hub for your connected objects. Cozmo can even learn how to control the lights in your home, or to interact with your Google Home smart personal assistant!

If you are a teacher or entertainer and you need several robots, our packs of 5 and 10 robots, will be more advantageous. We also offer a suitcase of 4 robots, which includes 4 robots, a 4-ports USB charger, a pack of colored spare tracks, all stored in an aluminium case.

Technical specifications of the Cozmo mobile robot for schools

  • Autonomy: 45 minutes
  • Charging time: 30 minutes
  • Age: 7 years and over

The pack contains:

  • 1 Cozmo robot
  • 1 charger (USB adapter not included)
  • 3 cubes

Resources for the Cozmo robot

Start with Cozmo and Code Lab

Start with Cozmo SDK