Speechi - French State Education Advanced Robotics Kit

Speechi - French State Education Advanced Robotics Kit

Speechi - French State Education Advanced Robotics Kit
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The French State Education Advanced Robotics Kit from Speechi is intended for all teachers – from primary to high school – wishing to introduce their pupils to robotics programming using a fun and varied set of tools.

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French State Education Advanced Robotics Kit: IoT, industrial robots, video games, etc

This educational robot kit contains all the accessories you need to teach at least 7 different lessons (in French). Designed to make learning about programming and the basics of robotics easier, it includes a variety of structural components that you can fit simply together to build robots without any tools.

It is possible to 3D-print most of the building parts. The STL files are available for download here.

They can be used over and over again by pupils and teachers as part of an educational cycle, to build:

  • everyday programmed objects: traffic lights, automatic door, etc.
  • machines and robots used in industry
  • autonomous mobile vehicles
  • two and four-legged mobile robots

A complete activity PDF booklet is available for each of the above builds. We gathered all the Speechi guides and manuals and turned them into a useful zip archive! (Manuals 5 to 11, and beyond).

A multitude of open-source programming environments

Thanks to the Studuino board, provided, you can choose from among various IDEs depending on the age and ability of your pupils:

  • A visual programming editor using click-and-drop icons for children under 9
  • Scratch for Studuino to discover the world of robots in primary school and continue studying robotics at secondary school
  • The Arduino IDE to design new robots in secondary school and expand pupils’ knowledge

The Tickle software also allows you to program robots from an iPad. Plus you can use the micro:bit environment by purchasing a compatible extension board.

Technical specifications of the French State Education Advanced Robotics Kit

  • From primary to secondary school
  • ABS plastic parts
  • CE-certified kit
  • OS compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, Debian for Raspberry Pi, Android
  • Languages and environments compatibility: Scratch, Python, IDE Arduino, C, Tickle (iPad), Micro:bit

Resources for the French State Education Advanced Robotics Kit

Speechi manuals and guides (Manuals 5 to 11, and beyond)
Softwares and drivers setup guides (Windows, Mac OS, Debian for Raspberry Pi, Android)
Data sheet
Programming language
Programming language
Programming language
Age group
15-17 years
Age group
6-8 years
Age group
12-14 Jahre
Age group
9-11 years
Power supply
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Building set
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