Code & Go® Robot Mouse Classroom Set

Code & Go® Robot Mouse Classroom Set

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Meet Jack and Colby, two Learning Resources® educational robots in the form of mice, one purple, one blue! This complete STEM kit is ideal for organising workshops to introduce children to programming, even in nursery schools.

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Size Chart

Code & Go® educational kit: a new type of classroom activity

The Code & Go® kits embody the principle of learning through play. Each set contains programming cards allowing children to create their own sequences to take the mice to a target destination while avoiding obstacles on the game board. All they then have to do is program the mice using the navigational arrows on their backs.

The Code & Go® Robot Mouse Classroom Set comes with a complete pack of materials for organising STEM learning workshops for pupils between 4 and 9 years of age.

Technical specifications of the Code & Go® Robot Mouse Classroom Set

Age: 4-9 years


  • 2 robot mices
  • 2 Code & Go® Robot Mouse activity sets
  • 1 Code & Go® Mouse Mania game board
  • 1 Code & Go® Robot Mouse Maths pack
Data sheet
Programming language
Without screen
Age group
6-8 years
Age group
3-5 years
Without screen
Power supply
Robot type
Mobile robot
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