LEGO Spike Prime Educational Robotics Kit (basic set)

LEGO Spike Prime Educational Robotics Kit (basic set)

LEGO Spike Prime Educational Robotics Kit (basic set)
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Spike Prime is a colourful STEAM educational kit, created by LEGO, that allows progressive learning of programming, robotics, and scientific disciplines – combined with just the right amount of fun to keep children captivated!

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LEGO Spike Prime: a scalable robotics kit for primary school children

This robotics kit has been developed around a programmable LEGO hub, a nerve centre for kids to work on future creations. This hub offers Bluetooth connectivity and other connection possibilities, to allow each creation to evolve. The kit comes with building bricks for working on various inventions, from mobile machines to wacky devices – the only limit is your imagination!

The LEGO Spike Prime kit is designed to be easily set up and connected. Motors and sensors can be linked to the central hub using a dedicated cable, and there is a storage box for sorting the various parts in their rightful place. The kit also includes new frames and mounts that make construction even easier!

LEGO Spike Prime robotics kit: the adventure has just begun

This educational kit can be programmed using the Spike App and the Scratch system: a visual and intuitive interface that encourages children to use their logic to solve increasingly complex problems. With LEGO Spike Prime, you get an educational program tailored to the needs of primary school children (from 10 years old). Each lesson takes up 45 minutes of class time, ideal for ensuring children don’t lose their concentration (see our resources below).

Primary school lesson for LEGO Spike Prime

This educational robot programming kit uses a progressive approach, to gradually teach children the subtleties of mechanics, electronics and algorithmic reasoning. Pupils are encouraged to solve problems that involve use of critical thinking and analytical skills.

Technical specifications of the LEGO Spike Prime robotics kit

  • 1 x Programmable hub:
    • 6 I/O ports
    • 5X5 LED matrix
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Speaker
    • 6-axis gyroscope
    • Rechargeable battery
  • Motors and sensors
  • LEGO Building bricks
  • 1 x Storage box with compartments

Resources for the LEGO Spike set for education

Data sheet
Age group
12-14 years
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