PincherX 100 Robot Arm

PincherX 100 Robot Arm

PincherX 100 Robot Arm
Trossen Robotics | A-000000-04533
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The PincherX 100 offers 5 degree of freedom and a full 360 degree of rotation. Also take advantage of the high technology offered by the Dynamixel servomotors at the heart of this mobile arm!

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PincherX 100 robotic arm: mobile device for education and engineering

The PincherX 100 arm is a mobile and articulated robotic device with 5 degrees of freedom and 360° movable joints. It offers a total span of 60 cm, for a reach of 30 cm. The applicable working payload should not exceed 50 g, although in theory the arm is able to support heavier loads.

This robotic arm gives you full access to various programming resources: ROS, SDK Dynamixel, as well as the Interbotix firmware via a USB-serial connection. These software programs allow you to program your PincherX 100 in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, etc. Thanks to the Dynamixel U2D2 controller, you have full control over the performance of your servomotors.

5 Dynamixel servomotors at the heart of the machine

The performance of PincherX 100 would not be so impressive without the 5 XL430-W250-T Dynamixel servomotors. These compact, robust and above all 100% programmable servomotors have already convinced the entire community of teachers, professional, amateur roboticians and students.

With a high resolution of 4096 positions and user definable PID parameters, this servo range has everything to seduce. It guarantees higher torque and significantly more convincing operating efficiency, especially in terms of heat dissipation or durability. The XL430-W250-T with TTL connection also boasts ultra-complete feedback of its various parameters and a variety of control modes.

Technical Specifications of the Interbotix Dynamixel Robotic Arm


  • 5 XL430-W250-T Actuators
  • 1 U2D2
  • 1 12v2a Power Supply
  • 1 USB2 Micro Cable
  • PincherX 100 Hardware and frames
  • Extra Gripper Foam / Rubber
  • Drivers / Extra Hardware
  • Base Mount Hardware
  • Roller Bearing Base
  • Rigid P95 Acrylic / ABS Construction
  • 5 degrees of freedom
  • Reach: 300 mm
  • Total Span: 600 mm
  • Accuracy: 5 mm
  • Working Payload: 50 g
  • Wrist rotate: No

Dynamixel arm resources

With the PincherX 100 robotic arm, a whole open-source universe opens up to you!

Dynamixel Servomotor Manuals:

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