Makeblock Codey Rocky Education Pack - 6 Robots

Makeblock | A-000000-04612

This pack contains 6 Codey Rocky programmable educational robots for teaching programming in the classroom.

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Size Chart

6 Codey Rocky robots: for teaching robotics in primary schools and above

Codey Rocky is a robot designed for teaching programming and STEAM from primary through to secondary school. This small track-mounted mobile platform is a great tool for introducing your pupils to algorithms. Children can use the Scratch visual programming language to rapidly understand how to perform a chain of actions, and then complete each lesson’s assignments. Older students can use the little robot to improve their knowledge of AI and IoT.

Examples of how to use the Codey Rocky robot in a classroom

This pack of 6 Codey Rocky robots will allow you to teach a class of 12 children working in pairs, each with one robot. The pack comes with a full set of guides for pupils and teachers so that children can progress with maximum autonomy.

Technical specifications of the Codey Rocky robots

  • Over 21 hours of lessons
  • Up to 12 pupils
  • From 6 years of age
  • Languages: Scratch, Python

Resources for the pack of 6 Codey Rocky robots

You will find all the documentation you need to begin familiarising yourself with your pack of 6 Codey Rocky robots below:

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