NVIDIA Jetson AI Deep Learning Course Kit

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NVIDIA is continuing its mission to democratise IT development and AI education with the release of a Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano course, provided by the Deep Learning Institute.

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NVIDIA Jetson kit: get to grips with artificial intelligence

To make it even easier to learn this exciting discipline, we have prepared a complete kit including all the necessary materials, so you can follow the course with confidence. The kit comes with not only the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit, but also 32 GB of microSD memory and the new high-resolution Logitech C270 webcam.

An AI course open to all fans of the Jetson Nano

This free course is available at the Deep Learning Institute website, published by NVIDIA (see link in resources). It’s an 8-hour module that requires only a little basic knowledge on the part of students. What you will need, however, is some specific hardware, including the famous NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit provided in this pack!

The course ends with an assessment of your newly-acquired artificial intelligence knowledge and delivery of a certificate.

Technical specifications of the DLI Jetson Nano kit

  • Course duration: 8 h
  • Prerequisite: basic familiarity with Python programming (helpful, not required)
  • Tools, libraries and frameworks: PyTorch, Jetson Nano
  • Certificate: available
  • Assessment type: multiple-choice
  • Materials provided with the course:

Resources for the NVIDIA kit

Below you’ll find a direct link to the DLI course, plus more information about the course and about the institute itself:

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