Nibble Educational DIY Retro Game Console Kit (with tools)

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Ready to build your first portable DIY game console? Whether you’ve already tried your hand at MAKERbuino or are just starting out in electronic programming, the Nibble kit and tools are ideal for getting to grips with the Arduino environment!

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Nibble: a complete electronics design learning experience

This Arduino-compatible electronics kit takes users from the age of 9 by the hand as they learn how to assemble the hardware and their first lines of code. There’s everything you need to build and code a portable game console with its own display and create your first games. It comes preloaded with 4 retro games to relax after your workshop!

Better than MAKERbuino?

MAKERbuino also has a kit for building a portable console from scratch and playing some deliciously retro games (as long as you have the right kit!). But Nibble has made some improvements:

  • It has a more powerful and faster processor
  • It has much more memory and RAM
  • It is quicker to assemble!

Nibble is accessible to children from the age of 9 and teaches programming not only with C++ (and so in the Arduino IDE), but also with CircuitBlocks and Python. CircuitBlocks helps beginners learn the basics of programming thanks to a visual editor that involves moving blocks (similar to Scratch).

Technical specifications of the CircuitMess Nibble kit

  • Processor: 32 bits, 160 MHz
  • Storage: 4 MB
  • RAM: 80 kB
  • Display: 1.4” 128x128 full colour TFT
  • Connectivity: WiFi
  • Assembly time: 2 hours
  • Programming C++ (Arduino), CircuitBlocks (block programming), Python
  • Age: 9 years and over

Resources for the Nibble retro game console kit

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12-14 years
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