Active Heat Sink for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier

NVIDIA | A-000000-04875

Beim aktiven Kühlkörper für Jetson Nvidia Xavier AGX handelt es sich um ein von Connect Tech entwickeltes Zubehörteil zum effizienten Kühlen von Schaltkreisen eines Boards.

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Connect Tech XHG306 heat sink: a robust accessory for your Jetson AGX Xavier

The NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier development kit was designed to replace the TX2 model and allows roboticists (amateurs, professionals and researchers) to develop their own AI solutions. It’s an ultra-powerful board offering almost endless possibilities, so it certainly deserved some choice accessories to operate more efficiently.

This robust aluminium heat sink developed by Connect Tech is sufficiently small to be included in any project. It dissipates the heat produced by the AGX Xavier board during operation through a convection phenomenon.

Technical specifications of the active heat sink for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier

  • Product designed for the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier board
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