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p>The MINT MatataLab coding kit is aimed at teachers in nursery and primary schools. It allows you to teach the basics of programming without investing heavily in electronics.
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MINT MatataLab programming set: the best way to learn to code

You can begin teaching young pupils the basics of programming and algorithmic reasoning from the age of 4. The MatataLab MINT Home Schooling Coding Set comes with everything you need to set up a workshop in a school environment. You can then assign your MatataBot robot missions to travel over an illustrated map. Its control tower will pass on the orders given by your young programmers.

To guide their robot, they will have to use the different directional blocks at their disposal. Some blocks will even make MatataBot sing or dance!

It comes with 3 exercise books for a varied and fun learning experience. It’s an educational robot kit you can use up to primary school level, from the age of about 8 to 10.

Zero-screen programming

Not all classes have access to a tablet or computer for the purposes of teaching. Yet many of the educational programming kits available require at least use of a smartphone.

MatataLab has innovated with this 100% screen-free coding kit. Information is transmitted by the control tower, which photographs the control blocks. It’s ideal for reducing screen time while improving your pupils’ STEM and robotics education!

Technical specifications of the MINT MatataLab coding kit

Recommended age: 4 to 9 years

The kit contains:

  • MatataBot robot
  • Control tower
  • Programming board
  • 4 “straight ahead” blocks
  • 4 “backwards” blocks
  • 4 “turn left 90°” blocks
  • 4 “turn right 90°” blocks
  • 2 “loop starts” blocks
  • 2 “loop ends” blocks
  • 1 “function definition” block
  • 1 “function recall” block
  • 1 “song” block
  • 1 “dance” block
  • 1 “movement” block
  • 2 number “2”
  • 2 number “3”
  • 2 number “4”
  • 2 number “5”
  • 2 “random” numbers
  • 1 “nature” folder
  • 3 booklets with exercises
  • 8 obstacles
  • 3 flags
  • 2 USB-C cables
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