ROSbot XL Mobile Robot

ROSbot XL Mobile Robot

ROSbot XL Mobile Robot
Husarion | A-000000-06627
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Discover the ROSbot XL Mobile Robot by Husarion, an autonomous mobile robotic platform designed for Research and Development, rapid prototyping, and creating custom robots for a variety of indoor applications.

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ROSBot XL: An Indoor Platform for Research & Development

Power & Performance

The ROSbot XL is equipped with one of three powerful embedded units to choose from: Raspberry Pi 4, Nvidia Jetson Nano, or Intel NUC, ensuring cutting-edge performance for all your robotic experiments.

Easy Development

With the ROSbot XL ROS2 packages and firmware available on GitHub, along with pre-configured models for common use cases like autonomous navigation and remote control via a joystick, developing your custom robot has never been easier.

Motion Precision

Featuring a Bosch BNO055 IMU (accelerometer + gyroscope) and 4 DC motors with quadrature encoders, the ROSbot XL ensures exceptional motion precision, essential for demanding applications.

Fully Customizable Robot

The universal mounting plate of the ROSbot XL allows you to integrate accessories such as LIDARs, cameras, robotic arms, and more, to meet your specific development needs.

Schéma ROSBot XL Husarion

The base platform includes:

  • ROSbot XL - with Raspberry Pi 4
  • USB-C Charger
  • 2 sets of wheels: standard + mecanum
  • One-year warranty

LiDARs and RGB cameras are not included in the base configuration.


Technical Specifications of ROSbot XL Autonomous Mobile Robot

  • Dimensions: 332 x 284 x 131 mm
  • Weight: 5.380 kg
  • Max Speed: 3 km/h
  • Max Rotation Speed: 180°/s
  • Battery Life: 2h - 6h
  • Max Payload: up to 10 kg
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C
  • Chassis Material: Aluminum
  • Computer: NUC i3-10110U 16 GB RAM 250 GB SSD or Raspberry Pi 4B 4 GB or NVIDIA Jetson Nano 4 GB RAM
  • IMU: Bosch BNO055 (accelerometer + gyroscope)
  • Motors: 4 x DC 37 mm with 50:1 gearbox and 64CPR encoder
  • Integrated Li-Ion Battery 3S (11.1V 7800 mAh 86Wh)
  • Integrated USB Hub
  • Selectable Power for SBC (5V, 12V, 19V)
  • Universal Mounting Plate
Schéma ROSBot XL Husarion

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