Programmable LEDs

Here you will find our different programmable LEDs that you can adapt to your robots, artistic installations, or other systems. Several formats of programmable LEDs are available: ribbon, matrix, modular cube

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In this circular LED module, Grove buffs will find everything they need for illuminating all their Base Shield and Mega Shield inventions!

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Use a Grove LED Bar in your next electronics project to keep a closer eye on the remaining battery life, sound volume, voltage levels, and more.

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The 16x8 LED Matrix marketed by Adafruit is in reality a complete kit that includes two 8x8 LED displays and their controller driver, and which can be easily implemented and integrated into all your DIY projects!

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Are you looking for the best way to interconnect a great many coloured LEDs? This Grove module is the perfect solution.

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The Grove Blue LED Socket is designed for all Arduino and Grove users looking for an LED truly capable of satisfying their requirements!

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The Grove LED Socket uses a cleverly-designed PCB that allows the LED to be bent into any desired position, making it easier to use on its own, horizontally, or when panel mounted.

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The COM04054P Grove Red LED is a module enabling Arduino and Grove beginners to easily create their first LED status indicator!

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No longer worry about running out of colour LEDs!

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The base plate for Cube:bit is designed to power all these greedy RGB LEDs. Without it, you might deplete your Micro:bit or your Raspi faster than necessary.

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Cube:bit offers you the opportunity to create a multicolored light show with a simple Raspberry Pi or a micro:bit card. 27 to 125 programmable LEDs can be coordinated to perfection to create awesome light effects!