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List of products by brand GHI Electronics

GHI Electronics manufactures Gadgeteer modules and mainboards. Gadgeteer is a solution for electronic prototyping and / or production of gadgets that does not require soldering. Devices made using Gadgeteer technology are programmable using C #. Gadgeteer is the solution to design your home automation devices.

5 breakout modules to connect non Gadgeteer circuits to your electronics creations.

With the ALFAT OEM Memory Access Module, you’ll finally be able to use all the resources on your memory cards and USB sticks for projects involving FEZ Medusa boards and their equivalent!

Audio Amplifier Gadgeteer Module

The Fez Meduza card is a bridge between Gadgeteer and Arduino universe: it is programmed using the Arduino IDE and uses Gadgeteer modules!

Gadgeteer capacitive touch linear slide. DISCONTINUED

16x2 character display module with controllable blue back-light.

Gadgeteer module to measure current intensity of an external device

Gadgeteer module to plug in 40DIP socket or a prototyping breadboard.

The EMX Module is an SoM benefiting from the .NET Micro Framework (NETMF) technology via a surface-mount technique. Powerful and inexpensive, it will bring joy to all sorts of programmers! DISCONTINUED

Are you new to programming on .NET Micro Framework or .NET Gadgeteer? Or a teacher looking for new teaching materials? The FEZ Cerberus Tinker Kit has everything you’ll need to begin a great adventure...DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.

The FEZ Cobra II Extender is designed to offer the FEZ Cobra II OEM board more sockets in order to connect your vos modules Gadgeteer.

The latest addition to the .NET Gadgeteer galaxy is the FEZ Cream module, which allows you to connect sensors and actuators to your Raspberry Pi and to program your creation using the .NET Micro Framework. Good news for all designers in love with the good old raspberry!

The new prototyping add-on for your Raspberry Pi! Try your hand at programming in the NETMF environment and with the Gadgeteer modules with FEZ HAT, a Raspberry Pi-compatible connection platform that has more than one nice surprise up its sleeve. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.

The Fez Medusa Mini board is an Arduino board allows Gadgeteer modules like a larger Arduino board sharing its name, the Fez Medusa board.

This Arduino shield is Gadgeteer compatible. Connect the FEZ Medusa Shield to your Arduino board and use all the modules from the Gadgeteer world! DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.

The FEZ Medusa Shield-3D is a board compatible not only with many models of Arduino board but also with the Gadgeteer modules.. Accessible to experienced electronics enthusiasts and beginners alike, it offers a huge range of possibilities.

You want to try out the Gadgeteer modules using the Arduino programming environment, which is both reassuring and offers a wealth of possibilities? Then the FEZ Medusa Shield-3D Starter Kit is just the thing for you!

You want to make the most of your FEZ Medusa Mini mother board, compatible with both Arduino Due and Gadgeteer? There is a starter kit that’s suitable for experienced electronics enthusiasts and novices alike: the FEZ Medusa Starter Kit!

The FEZ Reaper Mainboard has been specially calibrated for users of .NET Gadgeteer and .NET Micro Framework. Versatile and easy to use, it helps electronics and robotics enthusiasts design projects quickly and painlessly.


If you’ve always wanted to open your Raspberry Pi up to the world of .NET Gadgeteer, it’s high time you got your hands on this appropriately-named little FEZ Utility add-on!

The G-Plug Module by GHI Electronics is an extremely clever accessory that will allow you to test new prototypes using usually incompatible components!

A keypad, 12 buttons, many possibilities for your contraptions

BTNS7-GM-478 7-Button Module: A backlit Gadgeteer control module for a stylish remote control!