GEnEration Robots

Integrator & Distributor of autonomous robots

With 16 years of experience, Generation Robots is a distributor of robots and robotic and electronic components for businesses, the research world, and higher education.

As a leading player in this field in Europe, the brand focuses on strong local presence with its subsidiary in Berlin for the German and Austrian markets and its multilingual website (French, English, German, and Italian).

The product range is comprehensive, ranging from Dynamixel servo motors to the Spot robot, including robotic arms and LiDAR to best meet customer needs.

Distributor of emblematic brands

Solid partnerships built up over the years

AgileX Robotics - robots mobiles autonomes compatibles ROS

AgileX Robotics

ROS-compatible autonomous mobile robots
Boston Dynamics - constructeur du robot-chien le plus avancé du marché

Boston Dynamics

Spot, the most advanced robot dog on the market
Unitree Robotics - robots quadrupèdes performants et accessibles

Unitree Robotics

Accessible, high-performance quadrupeds

Significant figures

One of the most reliable robotics suppliers on the market

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million in sales
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