What is Spot?

Spot is the best quadruped robot on the market. Presented by Boston Dynamics, it is able to perform many tasks:

  • Act in low light conditions, day or night
  • Walk up and down stairs or over rough terrain and get up in case of a fall
  • Move at a speed of 5.6km/h
  • Carry loads of 14kg and operate for 90min without interruption Detects obstacles to avoid them and bypasses them with a user-selected bypass
  • Easy to change batteries that recharge in 2 hours

A scalable platform: Boston Dynamics offers many payloads or robotic arms for Spot.

Easy to configure, it allows the addition of additional equipment such as a camera or a robotic arm. The Spot SDK is aimed at all developers looking to test new applications for monitoring, service or exploration.

what is quadruped robot?

The Spot robot is the only four-legged robot. This allows it, compared to the mobile bases on wheels, to climb stairs or obscales thanks to its 4 legs.

What does spot the robot do?

The Spot robot is a programmable robot. It can therefore have many applications such as the tracking of people, surveillance, support for manipulator arm. The Spot robot is delivered with a remote control. It is therefore piloting from the reception.