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My order
Which payment methods are available?

You can pay by credit card (secure payment), Paypal or bank wire.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Non, il n'y a pas de minimum de commande pour les achats sur notre site web.

How can I know the delivery costs before I place my order?

Before you confirm the order, you have the opportunity to see the shipping costs of the various transport companies.

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Husky mobile robot
Where can I find tutorials on how to program Clearpath Husky mobile robot?

To work with these tutorials you need to be comfortable with ROS and the catkin build system. Please familiarize yourself using the ROS and catkin tutorials. The following link presents a complet guide on how to program the Husky robot.

Where can I find a technical documentation of Husky ?

The following link presents a technical presentation of Husky.

how to move Husky in Gazebo?

Gazebo is a physical simulation with ROS support but works very well without. Here is the explanation link to control the Husky on Gazebo.

Jackal mobile robot
Where can I find tutorials on how to program Jackal ?

The following link presents a complet guide on how to program Jackal. There you will find a complete Sphinx-based tutorial to help you set up and use your Jackal mobile robot.

Where can I find a technical documentation of Clearpath Jackal mobile robot?

The following link presents a technical presentation of the Jackal robot.

Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot educational robots
What is the difference between the educational robots Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot?

The biggest difference is the addition of a Bluetooth module on the Blue-Bot robots. Thanks to the Bluetooth module, young users can program and control their robot with a tablet, a smartphone or the Blue-Bot programming bar!

Is the Blue-Bot programming bar compatible with the Bee-Bot robot?

No, the Bee-Bot robot does not have any Bluetooth chip, so the only way to control it is with the buttons on its back.

My Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot does not charge any more

The two steps below explain how to test your robot for power problems. 1) Reinitialize the robot: Open the battery compartment by loosening the screw. The screw is triangular and is located on the square plate at the bottom of the robot. Remove the battery and reinsert it to reinitialize your Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot. If that does not help, continue with point 2. 2) Test with a different battery: Insert a working battery to see if the problem is related to the battery or the robot

Dynamixel servomotors
My Dynamixel servomotor is not detected, what can I do about it ?

Check that your Dynamixel servomotor is correctly configured. Do not hesitate to re-flash it with the ROBOTIS Software Roboplus. After re-flash remember to re-configure it. If the issue is not solved, contact us for an advanced support.

My motor works but it seems like there is an offset. Why ?

The motor is probably not well mounted. Check that you correctly mounted the horns by respecting the mark.

My Dynamixel servomotor seems blocked. I can't turn it even when it is not alimented.

There is probably a mechanical issue with the Dynamixel servomotor. You can directly contact us to get more advance support.

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Lego Mindstorms
What is the difference between the standard and education versions of Lego Mindstorms EV3 ?

See our guide with explanations about the differences between the standard and the education edition.

Are there the same parts and sensors in the Lego Mindstorms EV3 Home Edition set and in the Lego Mindstorms EV3 Education set? What's the difference?

No, there are some differences. See our guide for more details.

One sensor doesn't work anymore

Please contact our support team for further help.

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Ozobot educational robot
Where can I find exercises and activities for my lessons/workshops?

We have gathered some educational resources on our blog.

Is Ozobot compatible with Scratch?

No, but you can program your Ozobot with OzoBlockly, Google's equivalent to Scratch.

How long can Ozobot go with a single battery charge?

Ozobot can go for 90min on single charge. It takes 30-40min to fully chareg Ozobot. Not bad!

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Baxter collaborative robot
Is the 3D Model of Baxter available?

The access to this is limited to customers. Please send an email to support@generationrobots.com

Where can I find additional Info about Baxter Manufacturing

Just follow this link.

Where can I find additional Info about Baxter Research?

Just follow this link.

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ROS SDK Sawyer for Research and Education
Is it possible to be served a beer by the Sawyer robot?

Is it possible to be served a beer by the Sawyer robot?

Where can I find additional Info about Sawyer Manufacturing

Just follow this link.

Where can I find additional Info about Sawyer for Research and Education ?

Just follow this link.

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Cubelets educational robots
For which age group are the Cubelets best suited?

Cubelets are scalable: children as young as 8 year-old can play with them! More advanced (and older) users will be able to reprogram each Cubelet with the C language thanks to the Cubelet Flash software (Windows and Mac).

How can I update my Cubelets firmware? (the firmware is the software inside each Cubelet, it needs to be up-to-date).

You will just need to follow the manufacturer firmware update instructions on this linkOnly for the Cubelets purchased before april 2016.

Are the Cubelets compatible with Scratch?

No, but Cubelets are compatible with Blockly, Google's equivalent to Scratch. However, nothing is impossible in the world of computer science, and if feel like it, you can create a Scratch extension for Cubelets with ScratchX

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Poppy Ergo Jr robot
I can not access to the web interface of the Poppy Ergo Jr

Please check that the Bonjour software to recognise http://poppy.local is installed. Just follow this link.

Despite the installation has been done, I can't log into the http://poppy.local interface. Why can't the computer detect my Poppy Ergo Jr robot?

The robot must be connected to the same local network as the computer, using an ethernet cable. If the robot is directly connected to the computer, the network must be shared by the computer. For more information, follow this link.

I need to flash an SD card. Where can I find an iso image for Poppy Ergo Jr?

It can be found in the "Easy and recommended way: use the Poppy Ergo Jr SD-card" section. Just follow this link.

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Robot Nao
I just received my Nao robot, I try to interract with it, but I don't get any answers.

Basic Channel needs to be installed on your Nao robot. For more information, just follow this link.

Can I download the Choreographe software before receiving my NAO robot, in order to start learning how to use it?

You can download the software for the robot. On the first start of Choregraph you can use the code below: 654e-4564-153c-6518-2f44-7562-206e-4c60-5f47-5f45 . To download the software, just follow this link.

Robot Poppy
My Odroid board does not work, how can I fix it?

I can not access to the web interface of the Poppy robot http://poppy.local.

Please follow the instructions to connect to the web interface.

Despite the installation has been done, I can't log into the http://poppy.local interface. Why can't the computer detect my Poppy robot?

The robot must be connected to the same local network as the computer, using an ethernet cable. If the Poppy robot is directly connected to the computer, the network must be shared by the computer. For further information, follow this link.

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Robot Turtlebot
The OpenUPS board on my TurtleBot 2i robot does not work, the NUC does not seem to receive enough power, and the battery is not charging.

You probably need to set up the OpenUPS board again. Start with downloading the OpenUPS software:

OpenUPS software for Linux
OpenUPS software for Windows
OpenUPS software set up manual
OpenUPS firmware

Once the software is installed, click on the "Settings" tab of the pop up window. Click on the "File => OpenUPS" button to load and replace the settings files.

What is Turtlebot3?

The Turtlebot 3 Burger mobile education base is a lightweight, compact, low-cost and customizable ROS-based mobile robotics platform. It is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a fun way to support their robotics programming workshops, but also for robotics apprentices, designers and developers.

How to install ROS on Turtlebot3?

The resources available for Turtlebot3 are very numerous. Here is a link to all ROS installations for TurtleBot3

Robotc 4.0
Can I deactivate/manage my licence to install it on another computer?

Starting with ROBOTC 4.0, you can now manage your licenses remotely using the ROBOTC Customer Service portal: ROBOTC Customer Service portal.

Log in to the Customer Service portal using your license ID and password, then navigate to the 'Licenses and Activations' section.

Select the correct license from the list of available licenses tied to your customer account, then select the 'Manage Installations' option. This will bring up a listing of all computers that are currently activated with that license ID and password.

Click the red 'X' button next to each computer you wish to deactivate, this will deactivate the computer remotely and restore the activation back to your license.

This will allow you to reset (release) the activations from any computer that currently has ROBOTC 4.0 activated with your license.

Robot Marty
The app or calibration tool can’t find my Marty?

Make sure that Marty has connected to your WiFi. If a “Marty Setup” network is visible, you’ll need to go back and try putting your WiFi details in again.

Some home “WiFi Range Extenders” are really just another WiFi network with a similar name to your main router; You’ll need to have both Marty and the device you’re controlling from on the exact same network.

Your network might use a different set of IP addresses than most, by default. Use our Discovery Tool to try and find your Marty.

My Marty doesn’t walk properly

When you’re calibrating your Marty, try to make sure it’s standing as shown in the photos (straight up, arms to the side, eyebrows flat) before clicking the “Save Calibration” button.

You have to save the calibration before you try walking. If it still doesn’t walk right, double check it’s put together correctly. In the calibration tool, make sure that the buttons move the appropriate joint - if they don’t, you might have plugged your motors in the wrong places.

Easily done and easily fixed - have a look at the electronics section of the build guide and make sure things are plugged in the correctly numbered port.

Check that the all the leg parts are oriented correctly, look at this diagram in the build guide and make sure your Marty’s legs look exactly like that

My Marty’s walking, but he’s a bit wobbly

Try recalibrating with the feet slightly further towards the middle

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Thymio educational robot
Is it possible to program the Thymio educational robot with a tablet ?

It is possible to program the Thymio educational robot from an iPad, thanks to the Thymio Suite Mobile application.

The Thymio robot battery is defective. Can I replace it?

Yes, there is a replacement battery for Thymio. Open the 4 screws on the bottom, open the case and carefully remove the battery from the mainboard.

The battery is fixed with a doubled sided tape on the case. Replace the battery and reassemble the robot in the inverse order.

The thymio drifts when it is supposed to go straight.

Check link and if it's not working send back us the robot. Intructions are on this link.

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Robot Cozmo
Quelle est l’autonomie de Cozmo ? Et combien de temps faut-il pour le charger ?

To charge Cozmo, we recommend leaving it on its cradle for 20 to 30 minutes. Depending on the power source (computer or USB adapter plugged in), the duration is more or less long. Officially, Cozmo has a 45min autonomy. During our uses, we found that its battery can easily last 1 hour or more.

Comment savoir quand Cozmo a fini de charger ?

Lorsque les voyants situés sur le dos de Cozmo sont verts fixes, cela signifie que Cozmo est complètement chargé.

Comment se chargent les 3 cubes de Cozmo ?

Les cubes de Cozmo contiennent chacun une pile de format N/E90/LR1 de 1,5 V, qui auront une durée de vie 20h à 40h (selon l’utilisation que vous en faites). Il vous faudra un petit tournevis cruciforme pour ouvrir le cube et changer la pile.

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Alpha Mini humanoid educational robot
How to get other code for Alpha mini?

The alpha mini is sold with a single code. It is not possible to obtain more. The Alpha mini robot uses Google voice service and Google bills according to each application code.

What is Spot?

Spot is the best quadruped robot on the market. Presented by Boston Dynamics, it is able to perform many tasks:

  • Act in low light conditions, day or night
  • Walk up and down stairs or over rough terrain and get up in case of a fall
  • Move at a speed of 5.6km/h
  • Carry loads of 14kg and operate for 90min without interruption Detects obstacles to avoid them and bypasses them with a user-selected bypass
  • Easy to change batteries that recharge in 2 hours

A scalable platform: Boston Dynamics offers many payloads or robotic arms for Spot.

Easy to configure, it allows the addition of additional equipment such as a camera or a robotic arm. The Spot SDK is aimed at all developers looking to test new applications for monitoring, service or exploration.

what is quadruped robot?

The Spot robot is the only four-legged robot. This allows it, compared to the mobile bases on wheels, to climb stairs or obscales thanks to its 4 legs.

What does spot the robot do?

The Spot robot is a programmable robot. It can therefore have many applications such as the tracking of people, surveillance, support for manipulator arm. The Spot robot is delivered with a remote control. It is therefore piloting from the reception.

Various robotics
How to power your electronic device with a cigarette lighter?

Use DCDC input converter to control the voltage of your electronic devices. The most important is the power consumed by the devices. Size correctly to make sure that the DCDC used can provide enough. (Example: 3x AX-12A = 4.5 A, so you need it DC DC with at least 4.5 A) To buy DCDC converter you can contact us.

What does a LiDAR do?

Lidar is a remote measurement technique based on the analysis of the properties of a light beam returned to its emitter. It allows you to make maps, obstacle detection and localization.

Do self driving cars use LiDAR?

To be able to do obstacle detection the lidar is a safe value. The allows you to identify everything around on a 360 ° radius (Some Lidar are not 360°).

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Can you program ROS on Windows?

ROS is mainly based on ubuntu but it is possible to program ROS on windows. Here is the guide to follow.