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How to power your electronic device with a cigarette lighter?

Use DCDC input converter to control the voltage of your electronic devices. The most important is the power consumed by the devices. Size correctly to make sure that the DCDC used can provide enough. (Example: 3x AX-12A = 4.5 A, so you need it DC DC with at least 4.5 A) To buy DCDC converter you can contact us.

What does a LiDAR do?

Lidar is a remote measurement technique based on the analysis of the properties of a light beam returned to its emitter. It allows you to make maps, obstacle detection and localization.

Do self driving cars use LiDAR?

To be able to do obstacle detection the lidar is a safe value. The allows you to identify everything around on a 360 ° radius (Some Lidar are not 360°).

Can LiDAR penetrate ground?

Lidars send light signals that bounce off opaque surfaces and then receive them. This is how it detects its environment. If the surface is not opaque but transparent then it is possible that the detection is done through these obstacles.