Poppy Ergo Jr robot

I can not access to the web interface of the Poppy Ergo Jr

Please check that the Bonjour software to recognise http://poppy.local is installed. Just follow this link.

Despite the installation has been done, I can't log into the http://poppy.local interface. Why can't the computer detect my Poppy Ergo Jr robot?

The robot must be connected to the same local network as the computer, using an ethernet cable. If the robot is directly connected to the computer, the network must be shared by the computer. For more information, follow this link.

I need to flash an SD card. Where can I find an iso image for Poppy Ergo Jr?

It can be found in the "Easy and recommended way: use the Poppy Ergo Jr SD-card" section. Just follow this link.

The Poppy Ergo Jr robot does not initialize although everything has been correctly installed.

The camera has to be plugged to initialise the robot

I do not succeed to install the Poppy Ergo Jr robot, where can I find the instructions?

The detailed documentation for the preparation of a Poppy Ergo Jr robot can be found on this link.

Where can I find more information to solve my problem or for my project with the Poppy Ergo Jr robot?

You may find information on the Poppy Ergo Jr forum. If your problems remains, please contact us. The forum is on this link.

Is the Poppy Ergo Jr educational robot compatible with Scratch?

Poppy Ergo Jr is programmed with Snap!, a language that is very similar to Scratch.

Where can I find exercises and activities for my lessons/workshops with Poppy Ergo Jr?

You will find activities classified by level on the Poppy Education website.