Robot Poppy

My Odroid board does not work, how can I fix it?

I can not access to the web interface of the Poppy robot http://poppy.local.

Please follow the instructions to connect to the web interface.

Despite the installation has been done, I can't log into the http://poppy.local interface. Why can't the computer detect my Poppy robot?

The robot must be connected to the same local network as the computer, using an ethernet cable. If the Poppy robot is directly connected to the computer, the network must be shared by the computer. For further information, follow this link.

I need to flash an eMMC card. Where can I find an iso image for the Poppy robot?

They can be found in the Easy and recommended way: use the Poppy SD-card paragraph. Just follow this link.

I do not succeed to install the Poppy robot educational robot, where can I find the instructions?

The detailed documentation for the preparation of a Poppy robot can be found on this link.

Where can I find more information to solve my problem or for my project with the Poppy robot?

You may find information on the Poppy forum. If your problems remains, please contact us. The forum can be found on this link.