GR Lab: your professional service-robotics integrator

Professional Service-Robotics Engineering Department

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Your best ally for service-robotics projects

GR Lab: your professional service-robotics integrator

Our Professional Service-Robotics Engineering Department – affectionately known as the GR Lab – specialises in the development of customised professional service-robotics solutions.

The GR Lab’s team of enthusiastic, experienced engineers and doctors are your best choice if you’re looking for help with setting up a project involving service robots.

Our engineers can help define your requirements and evaluate the feasibility of your idea. Once the specifications have been validated by our team and your project manager, we can develop and then integrate the solution best meeting your needs.

We’ve also developed plug ‘n’ play solution like the NAO Presenter app

Our expertise:

  • Human/robot interaction
  • Machine learning (NAO plays POKER, NAO plays CONNECT 4)
  • Creation of advanced and comprehensive behaviours (in particular for the NAO, PEPPER and BAXTER robots)
  • Design and development of connected objects
  • Design and industrialisation of sensors for use in robotics
  • Training in robot programming (ROS, certified NAO and PEPPER trainers)
  • Robotics engineering consulting services

Our contact

  • Email:
  • Phone: 05 56 39 37 05

Get a better idea of what we do by reading one of our case studies

Customer case study: Pepper for EDF at Viva Tech Customer case study: the Poppy robot for the KERAAL project Customer case study: the Poppy robot for the KERAAL projectCustomer case study: NAO in the limelight at NAS 2016
EDF booth for Vivatech 2016 Poppy for KERAAL NAO for NAS 2016

Our story:

Génération Robots is above all the story of a programmable robotics enthusiast who decided in 2008 to begin selling robots. At the time there were very few such services, and enthusiasts found it hard – if not impossible – to get their hands on spare parts for their robots.

In addition to his day job, Jérôme Laplace (founder of Génération Robots) therefore decided to try his hand at selling educational robots, kits, spare parts and various robotics components on line.

His business took off, and in June 2010 he quit his previous job altogether to devote himself full time to this new activity. He recruited staff, developed the business and quickly became an on-line point of reference.

Jérôme rapidly decided to set up his own Génération Robots engineering department, which at the time provided the following services:

#1 Robot programming and behaviour development

Initially, the team comprised Philippe Capdepuy, Doctor in Artificial Intelligence, and Manon Cortial-Picard, a graduate engineer of the Ecole Polytechnique in France and EPFL. They developed in particular behaviours for the NAO humanoid robot, enabling it to play Connect 4 and poker. After taking on new members of staff, the GR Lab released NAO Presenter.

Today we develop advanced behaviours for the PEPPER robot, the latest addition to the Softbank Robotics family. A recent example is the PEPPER WELCOME app

#2 Training in robot programming (ROS, certified NAO and PEPPER trainers)

In 2012, Softbanks Robotics (then Aldebaran) tasked us with training those of their European customers interested in learning how to program the NAO robot. Today, we are official NAO and PEPPER robot trainers.
With over five years’ experience of ROS development, Génération Robots is one of the French companies boasting the most experience of this platform. We pass on our expertise in our ROS training programmes.

#3 Robotics sensor and accessory creation

In 2012, our GR Lab team designed WiFiBlock, a WiFi module that can be adjusted for Lego Mindstorms robots.

Our customers:

The GR Lab clients