Breadboard Power Supply USB - 5V/3.3V

Breadboard Power Supply USB - 5V/3.3V

SparkFun | A-000000-00886
Supply easily and efficiency your BreadBoard with 5 or 3.3V directly from USB helped by this Power Supply module
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Description of the Breadboard Power Supply USB 5/3.3V

The Breadboard Power Supply USB 5/3.3V designed by Sparkfun Electronics allow you to easily supply your circuit that you created on your Breadboard, directly from the USB port of your computer. The Breadboard Power Supply USB 5/3.3V will become an essential part of all your prototyping hour.

This module can be directly plug in the Vcc and Gnd busses line form your prototyping board. Even if the linear regulator (LM317) that the board is based on can support 1.5A, the USB standard limit the current to 500 mA, indeed, the Breadboard Power Supply USB 5/3.3V integrates a resettable fuse limiting the input current to 500mA.

The Breadboard Power Supply USB, integrates two pairs of pin, both ca be directly plug into the breadboard in order to power your circuit. You will be able to use both the 5V output et the 3.3V output.

Be careful, don't short cut the pair of pin (5V et 3.3V)


Feature of Breadboard Power Supply USB 5/3.3 V

  • USB type B connector
  • TO-220 Voltage Regulator (LM317 1.5A max current)
  • PTC Resettable Fyse
  • 100uF 35V Capacitor
  • 10uF 25V Capacitor
  • 0.1uF 50V Capacitor
  • Power LED
  • SPDT Slide Switch
  • 4pcs 0.1" Header Pins
  • 330 ohm Resistor 1/6W
  • 390 ohm Resistor 1/6W
  • 240 ohm Resistor 1/6W
  • Bare PCB with Silkscreen Indicators

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