UBEC DC/DC Buck-Type Step-Down Converter - 5V @ 3A output

UBEC DC/DC Buck-Type Step-Down Converter - 5V @ 3A output

UBEC DC/DC Buck-Type Step-Down Converter - 5V @ 3A output
Adafruit Industries | A-000000-01604
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Adafruit UBEC circuit: a stress-free power supply for your electronic projects

UBEC stands for Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit. Simply put, it’s a type of buck step-down converter that lowers the level of an input voltage to obtain an output voltage equivalent to 5V. In practice, you simply need to connect a 6V-23V supply to get a constant 5V voltage.

As for current, you’ll have between 3 and 5A. Please note however that to achieve 3A, you’ll need to use an input voltage greater than 6V.

And as there’s no risk of this little circuit overheating, you’ll not need a cooling system or heat sink.

UBEC Step-Down Converter: an alternative solution for your Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Edison projects

Whatever your preferred programming board, you’ll still need a 5V power supply to run your projects. This UBEC Step-Down Converter was originally designed to replace the power supplies of RC planes and helicopters, but you can of course use the circuit for many other projects, including if you use an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Intel Edison board.

Technical specifications of the Buck Step-Down Converter

  • Buck DC/DC converter
  • Built-in filter capacitors
  • Input current: 6V-23V; Output current: 5V
  • Output power: 3A-5A
  • Conversion table:


Iout Vin Iin Vout
0.5A 6V 0.47A 4.9V
0.5A 7V 0.39A 5.2V
0.5A 9V 0.35A 5.2V
0.5A 12V 0.28A 5.25V
Iout Vin Iin Vout
1A 6V 0.9A 4.8V
1A 7V 0.79A 5.2V
1A 9V 0.67A 5.1V
1A 12V 0.52A 5.2V
Iout Vin Iin Vout
2A 6V 1.85A 4.9V
2A 7V 1.67A 5.1V
2A 9V 1.28A 5.0V
2A 12V 0.97A 4.9V
Iout Vin Iin Vout
3A 7V 2.6A 4.0V
3A 9V 1.88A 4.7V
3A 12V 1.43A 4.8V


Resources for the 1385 Converter

The video below shows additional operating instructions and possible uses of the Adafruit 1385 Converter (0:40):

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