YEOLab Classic

YEOLab Classic

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YEOLab Classic is an app designed for communicating with the NAO robot and controlling and changing its behaviour, using a simple and fun programming environment. Ideal for workshops organised in class!

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YEOLab Classic : a 3D NAO app

With the YEOLab Classic educational app, you have access to 3 different tools to create a comprehensive and enriching robotics-programming learning experience for your students.

  • Connect: allows you to connect your tablet to the NAO robot
  • Cockpit: to trigger and stop the actions of your choice
  • Editor: an intuitive programming tool operating on the drag and drop principle, allowing you to very simply organise the actions and behaviour of NAO


YEOLab NAO Control

Technical specifications of the YEOLab Classic

    I just received my Nao robot, I try to interract with it, but I don't get any answers.

    Basic Channel needs to be installed on your Nao robot. For more information, just follow this link.

    Can I download the Choreographe software before receiving my NAO robot, in order to start learning how to use it?

    You can download the software for the robot. On the first start of Choregraph you can use the code below: 654e-4564-153c-6518-2f44-7562-206e-4c60-5f47-5f45 . To download the software, just follow this link.

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