YEOLab School for 3 | 1 teacher 3 students

YEOLab School for 3 | 1 teacher 3 students

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Your NAO robot is smart – so it needs to communicate with you, and you with it! For this, there’s nothing simpler: simply use the YEOLab app. YEOLab School for 3 is designed for educational projects carried out by groups of 3 students, supervised by 1 teacher.

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NAO YEOLab School for 3: 2 modes of action

YEOLab School for 3 includes 3 different tools for successfully completing an educational project with the NAO robot:

  • YEOLab Connect: allows you to connect up to 4 tablets to NAO to begin your work
  • YEOLab Cockpit: to control NAO’s behaviour and functions
  • YEOLab Class: to share information between you and your students, check on students’ progress on their own tablet and from your own and share your screen with students to guide them step by step.

NAO app: in 5 languages

Your NAO educational app supports English, German, Japanese, Italian and of course French!

Technical specifications of the YEOLab School for 3 app

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