LiDAR Ouster OS2 long range high performance

LiDAR Ouster OS2 (Rev 6) long range high performance

LiDAR Ouster OS2 long range high performance
Ouster | A-000000-05509
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The OS2 digital LiDAR (Rev 6) is your long-range option in the OS series designed by Ouster. It offers a vertical field of view, a range of 240 metres and high angular resolution.
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OS2: Ouster’s longest-range OS LiDAR

The OS2 digital laser LiDAR is another member of the new family of LiDARs designed by Ouster. This new range of robotics accessories is designed to meet all embedded robotics requirements:

  • Compact, lightweight, highly durable devices offering high water and dust ingress protection
  • An innovative range on account of its L2X SoC, which increases the data processing capacity and doubles the output flow
  • Image quality is increasingly similar to that of a video camera, with ultra-precise reproduction of both fixed and moving obstacles
  • The OS2 LiDAR can scan its environment in any level of visibility and operates in all weather conditions, even snow and thick fog

OS2 has a detection range of 240 metres and a vertical field of view. It comes in three versions: 32, 64 or 128 channels, each with its own technical characteristics (see technical specifications).

Four possible configurations to adapt your LiDAR’s vision

The OS2-32 and OS2-64 models each offer four configuration options:

  • Uniform”, for a balanced vertical scan 11.25° either side of the horizon (22.5° in total)
  • Gradient”, which divides the vertical field of view into several gradients to adapt the device’s detection capabilities to your specific needs
  • Below Horizon”, which directs the scanning beam downwards, with a vertical field of view of 11.25° below the horizon line
  • Above Horizon”, which directs the scanning beam upwards, with a vertical field of view of 11.25° above the horizon line
Ouster OS2 field of view diagram

Please note that the OS2-128 version does not offer these configuration options.

The possibilities offered by the Ouster OS2 LiDAR make it a great choice for robotics projects in a wide range of fields: autonomous navigation, exploration and surveillance of risky areas, remote monitoring, robotic vision, service robotics, etc.

Technical specifications of the OS2 LiDAR

  • Vertical resolution: 32, 64 or 128 channels
  • Horizontal resolution: 512, 1024 or 2048
  • Range: 240 m
  • Vertical field of view: 22.5° (11.25°)
  • Vertical angular resolution: 0.18-0.73° (multiple options for OS0-32 and OS0-64), 0.18° (OS0-128)
  • Precision: ±2.5-8 cm
  • Points per second: 655 360 (OS0-32), 1 310 720 (OS0-64), 2 621 440 (OS0-128)
  • Rotation rate: 10 or 20 Hz
  • Power draw: 18-24 W
  • Weight: 1100 g
  • Ingress protection (dust, water): IP68, IP69K
  • Synchronization options: PTP and NMEA/PPS
  • On-the-fly programming: frame rate and horizontal resolution
  • Fixed angle data measurement
  • Multi-sensor crosstalk resistance
  • Bayonet connector
  • Over-the-network firmware updates
  • Output: range, intensity, reflectivity, ambient NIR, azimuth angle, timestamp
  • Pixel returns: 2
  • 4 possible configurations: uniform radius, gradient, below and above the horizon

Technical characteristics of the OS2 LiDAR

OS2-32 OS2-64 OS2-128
Vertical resolution 32 canaux 64 canaux 128 canaux
Horizontal resolution 512, 1024 ou 2048 512, 1024 ou 2048 512, 1024 ou 2048
Range 240 meters 240 meters 240 meters
Vertical field of view 22,5° (±11,25º) 22,5° (±11,25º) 22,5° (±11,25º)
Vertical angular resolution 0.18º – 0.73º (multiple options) 0.18º – 0.73º (multiple options) 0.18º
Precision ±2.5 – 8 cm ±2.5 – 8 cm ±2.5 – 8 cm
Points per second 655 360 1 310 720 2 621 440
Rotation rate 10 ou 20 Hz 10 ou 20 Hz 10 ou 20 Hz
Power draw 18 – 24 W 18 – 24 W 18 – 24 W
Weight 1100 g 1100 g 1100 g
Ingress protection rate IP68, IP69K IP68, IP69K IP68, IP69K

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