Go1 Air Robot Dog

Go1 Air Robot Dog

Go1 Air Robot Dog
Unitree Robotics | A-000000-06102
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Go1 Air is the standard model in the Unitree Go1 series, it will follow its owner with ease, avoid obstacles and carry small loads.

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Go1 Air: a quadruped robot everyone can use

The lightweight and compact Go1 Air is the entry-level model in the Go1 series by Unitree Robotics. It offers many interesting features:

  • Can travel at speeds of up to 2.5 m/s and offers a battery life of up to 2.5 hours, depending on how you use it
  • Its intelligent lateral tracking system means it walks alongside a human and avoids obstacles on all types of terrain
  • Has a 4*1.43 GHz 128 Core 0.5 T processor
  • Its 4 legs and 12 degrees of freedom take it up and down stairs, and it can also sit, lie down, dance, bend, crouch, etc.

What are the differences between the 3 Go1 models?

There are 3 versions of the Go1: Go1 Air, Go1 Pro and Go1 Edu. They all look the same and share the same mechanics, but differ in terms of hardware and programming capabilities.

The standard Go1 Air has 1 processor and 1 Super Sensory System, while the more sophisticated Go1 Pro has 3 processors and 5 Super Sensory Systems. Both have 3 ultrasonic sensors.

The premium Go1 Edu has 3 nano processors, 5 Super Sensory Systems and 4 ultrasonic sensors.

Go1 AirGo1 ProGo1 Edu
Super Sensor System1Set5Set5Set
Processor1* (4*1,43GHz 128Core 0,5T)3* (4*1,43GHz 128Core 0,5T)2Nano + (1Nano ou 1NX)
Intelligent Side-follow System111
RTT Transmission111
Adapter24V, 4A24V, 6A24V, 6A
Payload≈3 kg≈5 kg (max~10 kg)
Heat Pipe Cooler111
Speed0~2.5m/s0~3.5m/s0~3.7m/s (Max~5m/s)
Ultrasonic sensors334
Graphic Processing API (OTA)YesYesYes
Research Programming APINoNoYes
HA1 Human RecognitionNoYesYes
APP top viewNoYesYes
4G or 5 GNoNoYes
Foot Force SensorNoNoYes
Multifunction Extension InterfaceNoNoYes
LiDARNoNooptional 2D or 3D

The Go1 software

Go1 comes with an ARM Cortex-A72 processor, which is sufficient for SLAM, and there are optional peripherals, including a 3D LiDAR for accurate mapping solutions, plus much more. Comprehensive simulation and visualisation tools are also provided (Webots, Gazebo, RViZ), allowing feasibility studies and low-cost application development.

Uses of the Go1 robot dog

The Go1 quadruped robot can be used in various contexts:

  • R&D
  • Security
  • Inspection
  • Load transport
  • Entertainment
  • Etc.

Technical specifications of the Go1 Air robot dog

  • Processor: 1*(4*1.43 GHz, 128 Core 0.5 T)
  • Technologies: side-follow, ultrasonic, GPU
  • Payload: 3 kg
  • DOF: 12
  • Operating voltage: 24 V
  • Transfers: Ethernet, USB 3.0, RS232
  • Max speed: 2.5 m/s
  • Dimensions: 645 x 280 x 400 mm
  • Rotational torque: 35.5 Nm
  • Weight: 12 kg

What you get in the package:

  • 1 Go1 Air robot dog
  • 1 battery
  • 1 charger
  • 1 remote control

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