ViperX 300 5-axis Robotic Arm

ViperX 300 5-axis Robotic Arm

ViperX 300 5-axis Robotic Arm
Trossen Robotics | A-000000-06408
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The ViperX 300 robotic arm is designed for research and education, with 5 degrees of freedom and a payload capacity of 750g.

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An Open-Source Robotic Arm for Research and Education

The 5-axis ViperX 300 robotic arm is equipped with the most advanced motion control technology, offering high precision and reliability during operation.

Delivered fully assembled, the ViperX 300 robotic arm is compatible with a wide variety of accessories and add-on modules such as grippers, sensors, cameras, and manipulation tools. It can be easily programmed to perform specific tasks using software such as ROS, MoveIt, IRROS, Matlab, and Python.

The 5-axis ViperX 300 robotic arm is ideal for classrooms or pick & place applications based on vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Many demos and educational videos are available to help you get started with your robotic arm in less than an hour.

An Arm Equipped with Dynamixel Servomotors

The 5-axis ViperX 300 robotic arm is equipped with 6 XM540-W270-T servomotors and 2 XM430-W350-T servomotors. Fully programmable and configurable, these high-resolution servomotors can ensure optimal fluidity.

Dynamixel servomotors are highly valued in various sectors such as research, education, engineering, and industry. Their extremely robust compact format offers higher torque, promotes heat dissipation, and provides complete feedback ranging from applied voltage to temperature or speed. With the Dynamixel SDK, it is possible to program the servomotor according to your own needs, particularly in terms of speed, position, PWM, etc.

Technical specifications of the ViperX 300 6-axis Robotic Arm

  • Degrees of freedom: 5
  • Range: 750 mm
  • Total span: 1500 mm
  • Repeatability: 1 mm
  • Working payload: 750 g
  • Total number of servomotors: 8
  • Rotating wrist: yes
  • Weight : 8lbs


ViperX 300 Robotic Arm 5DOF resources

We've compiled a complete list of free resources for the Interbotix ViperX 300 Robotic Arm:

Dynamixel Servomotor Manuals:


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