Go2 Air Robot Dog

Go2 Air Robot Dog

Go2 Air Robot Dog
Unitree Robotics | A-000000-06584
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Go2 Air: The most accessible version of the Go2 series, the Go2 Air robot can perform a variety of poses, perceive its surroundings, and make decisions.

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Size Chart
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Go2 Air: An accessible quadruped robot for everyone

As the successor to the Go1 Air, the quadruped robot Go2 Air features advanced functionalities and an attractive design. It's perfect for technology enthusiasts, families, and anyone looking to add a member to their household.

Key features of the Go2 Air robot

  • 4D LiDAR L1: Developed by Unitree, this LiDAR offers a 360° x 90° hemispherical field of vision, with an improved detection angle and a detection distance of 0.05m
  • Integrated AI: Thanks to the GPT technology, the Go2 can better perceive its environment and make decisions based on its sensor information
  • Improved battery and autonomy: The robot is equipped with a standard 8,000mAh battery and can operate autonomously for 1 to 2 hours
  • Go2 Air can now jumping, stretching, shaking hands, cheering, pouncing, and sitting down

Good to know: The Go2 Air is not programmable, and is intended for the consumer market, for entertainment purposes only.

Key Features of Robot Go2

Comparison of the different versions of the Go2 (Air, Pro, Edu Plus)

Go2 AirGo2 ProGo2 Edu Plus
Dimensions70 x 31 x 40cm70 x 31 x 40cm70 x 31 x 40cm
Weight (with battery)15kg15kg15kg
Payload≈7kg (MAX ~ 10kg)≈8kg (MAX ~ 10kg)≈8kg (MAX ~ 12kg)
Speed0 ~ 2.5m/s0 ~ 3.5m/s0 ~ 3.7m/s (MAX ~ 5m/s)
Max Climb Drop Height15cm16 cm16 cm
Basic Computing PowerX8-core High-performance CPU8-core High-performance CPU
Max TorqueX45 Nm45 Nm
Super Wide Angle 3D LIDAR
HD Wide Angle Camera
Foot-end force SensorXX
4G ModuleX
Voice FunctionX
ISS 2.0 Intelligent Side Tracking SystemX
Manual ControllerOptionalOptional
High Computing Power ModuleXXNvidia Jetson Orin (optional)
40-100Topscomputing power
BatteryStandard (8000mAh)Standard (8000mAh)Long endurance (15000mAh)
Battery life1-2h1-2h2-4h
ChargerStandard (33.6V 3.5A)Standard (33.6V 3.5A)Fast Charge (33.6V 9A)
Charging time Battery4h4h1h30

The Go2 features a self-contained battery that allows it to recharge independently. However, a Go2 Docking Station can be acquired depending on your needs.

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