Go2 Pro Robot Dog

Go2 Pro Robot Dog

Go2 Pro Robot Dog
Unitree Robotics | A-000000-06585
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Go2 Pro is the mid-range model of the Go2 series by Unitree. Faster, more agile, and more responsive than its predecessor, it features an improved AI and a hemispherical LiDAR, enabling it to handle more complex obstacles.

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Go2 Pro: A high-performance robot dog at an affordable price

The Go2 Pro is an upgraded version of the robot Go1 Pro, which translates into:

  • A more elegant design, advanced components, and better build quality
  • Higher payload capacity (≈8 kg), making it more versatile for various applications
  • Improved autonomy with an 8000mAh battery, allowing it to carry out longer missions without frequent recharging
  • Enhanced AI connected to GPT for making more complex decisions and performing tasks more efficiently

Why choose Go2 Pro?

  • Affordable price, much lower than most competitors
  • Advanced sensors: Hemispherical 4D LiDAR, ultra-wide-angle HD camera, tracking sensor, foot force sensors
  • ISS 2.0 intelligent lateral tracking system
  • 4G module
  • Voice command function

Good to know: The Go2 Pro is not programmable and is intended for the consumer market, for entertainment purposes only.

Key features of the Go2 Air robot

Comparison between the different versions of the Go2 (Air, Pro and Edu Plus)

Go2 AirGo2 ProGo2 Edu Plus
Dimensions70 x 31 x 40cm70 x 31 x 40cm70 x 31 x 40cm
Weight (with battery)15kg15kg15kg
Payload≈7kg (MAX ~ 10kg)≈8kg (MAX ~ 10kg)≈8kg (MAX ~ 12kg)
Speed0 ~ 2.5m/s0 ~ 3.5m/s0 ~ 3.7m/s (MAX ~ 5m/s)
Max Climb Drop Height15cm16 cm16 cm
Basic Computing PowerX8-core High-performance CPU8-core High-performance CPU
Max TorqueX45 Nm45 Nm
Super Wide Angle 3D LIDAR
HD Wide Angle Camera
Foot-end force SensorXX
4G ModuleX
Voice FunctionX
ISS 2.0 Intelligent Side Tracking SystemX
Manual ControllerOptionalOptional
High Computing Power ModuleXXNvidia Jetson Orin (optional)
40-100Topscomputing power
BatteryStandard (8000mAh)Standard (8000mAh)Long endurance (15000mAh)
Battery life1-2h1-2h2-4h
ChargerStandard (33.6V 3.5A)Standard (33.6V 3.5A)Fast Charge (33.6V 9A)
Charging time Battery4h4h1h30

The Go2 features a self-contained battery that allows it to recharge independently. However, a Go2 Docking Station can be acquired depending on your needs.

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