ALOHA Bimanual Teleoperation Kit

ALOHA Bimanual Teleoperation Kit

ALOHA Bimanual Teleoperation Kit
Trossen Robotics | A-000000-06943
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Discover ALOHA, an affordable open-source robotic kit dedicated to bimanual teleoperation. It is capable of performing precise, dynamic manipulation tasks.


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ALOHA: a robotic kit with unrivalled precision

Aloha by Trossen Robotics is a teleoperation robotics kit consisting of 2 robotic arms, the ViperX 300 6DOF, and 2 arms, the WidowX 250 6 DOF. It enables learning through imitation directly from real demonstrations collected using a custom teleoperation interface. It excels in performing precise tasks, such as battery insertion, which are generally considered to be particularly demanding in terms of accuracy, detailed calibration, and visual feedback.

The key feature of the ALOHA Kit

To overcome the challenges inherent in imitation learning, especially in domains requiring high precision, a new algorithm named Action Chunk with Transformers (ACT) has been developed. This algorithm enhances efficiency by predicting actions in chunks, thereby reducing task complexity. This approach allows for the teleoperation of tasks involving extensive physical interactions, such as precision tasks like threading cable ties or juggling ping-pong balls. Even for particularly delicate tasks, bimanual teleoperation achieves an 80 to 90% success rate, demonstrating its high effectiveness.

Implementation of learned policy

The videos below illustrate real-time implementations of policies generated using the Action Chunking with Transformers (ACT) algorithm, using only 50 demonstrations for each task.

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Technical Specifications of ALOHA Kit


  • 2x 6DOF ViperX 300 Robotic Arms
  • 2x 12V 20A Power Adapters
  • 2x 6DOF WidowX 250 Robotic Arms

Cage Assembly

  • 1x Standing Desk (2 PCs)
  • 10x Aluminum Bars 2020-1220mm
  • 10x Aluminum Bars 2020-1000mm
  • 8x Aluminum Bars 2020-150mm
  • 2x CC Clamps (used to secure the Cage Assembly to the desk)
  • 8x Corner Plates with T-Nuts and M8x8 Bolts
  • 60x Angle Brackets with Pre-Assembled T-Nuts and M5x8 Bolts
  • 1x Cable Tensioner Kit

Camera Setup

  • 4x Logitech C922X Cameras
  • 1x Camera Mount

Gravity Compensation

  • 2x Carbon Fiber Tubes
  • 120x Rubber Bands
  • 20x Zip Ties

Nuts and Bolts

  • 10x M2.5x8 Bolts
  • 10x M2.5x10 Bolts
  • 10x M2.5 Nuts
  • 10x M3x4 Bolts
  • 5x M3x30 Bolts
  • 20x M3 Nuts
  • 15x M5x14 Bolts
  • 5x Wood Screws


  • 100x Reusable Cable Ties
  • 1x M3 Hex Key
  • 1x Crimping Tool
  • 1x Screwdriver Set
  • 1x 3M Non-Slip Adhesive Tape, 1"x15'
  • 10x Adhesive Foam Pads (4" x 4" x 1/8")
  • 1x Loctite 2ml Threadlocker


  • 4x 6' USB Extension Cables
  • 4x 10' Micro USB Cables
  • 2x USB Hubs

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