Cobot Magic - remotely operated platform

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An open-source, fully-featured remote-controlled robotics platform with enhanced hardware for optimum performance.

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Cobot Magic: an open-source remote-controlled platform

Cobot Magic is capable of remotely performing precise tasks such as opening a bottle of water, dynamic tasks such as watering plants and cooking meals, and contact-intensive tasks to collect dynamic simulation data.

The main features of Cobot Magic

  • Dual robotic arm capabilities
  • AGV and UGV functionality for dynamic mobility
  • Integration of AI for intelligent task execution
  • Teleoperation prowess for remote control
  • Built on an open-source ROS architecture

A ready-to-use robotic system for AI learning

Cobot Magic represents an innovative solution for learning artificial intelligence at a lower cost. Typically, robots relied on complex programming or expensive Big Data models for their AI training.

By adopting an open-source model, inspired by Stanford University's Mobile Aloha project research team, Cobot Magic can process around 50 datasets per mission, with success rates reaching up to 80-90%. This learning and teaching framework does not require the significant budgetary resources associated with traditional programming.

In addition to universities and research laboratories, this solution may also interest large corporations. As a ready-to-use model for AI learning, Cobot Magic particularly appeals to companies involved in automation and embedded AI.

Cobot Magic technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 685 x 570 x 155 mm
  • Weight: 28-30 kg
  • Wheels: two-wheel differential transmission
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Payload: 100 kg
  • Charger: AC 220V
  • Depth: 0.3 - 3 m
  • Range: 640*400@30FPS320*200@30FPS


  • Degrees of freedom: 6 DOF
  • Range: 509 mm
  • Repeatability: 1 mm
  • Nominal load: 1500 g
  • Peak load: 3000 g

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