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The ZED 2i Depth Camera, replacing the ZED 2, comes with a new design, secure connectivity and new lens options. The ZED 2i by Stereolabs is an extremely powerful tool for all your vision-based robotics projects.

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This 2D lidar allows real-time mapping, localisation and navigation. It’s compatible with the Unitree robot dogs.

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The LiDAR 4D L1 developed by Unitree is a powerful detection sensor for small mobile robots, offering a 360° x 90° field of view, high precision, and optimal proximity detection.


The OAK-D CM4 camera combines OAK-D with the Raspberry Pi CM4 module. It's a high-quality computer vision solution for real-time object recognition, motion and position tracking, mapping and 3D modeling, and industrial inspection applications.

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The OAK-1 MAX camera is a 32 MP camera designed for computer vision and artificial intelligence applications.

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Discover the YDLIDAR OS30A 3D depth camera, capable of accurately capturing depth information in 3D for many applications.

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