Vision sensors and cameras

Vision is a high level feature for a robot. Being able to distinguish shapes and colors in a scene, here's the challenge with a camera mounted on the robot.

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Camera without IR filter for Raspberry Pi

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With its new version of the camera sensor, Charmed Labs offers you a smaller and faster sensor to equip your creation! With its improved software and new mode, the Pixy2 V2.1 camera sensor could become your new favorite accessory for your robots!

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You want to move your Pixy 2 camera sensor on 2 axes of movement ? With its two servomotors and fixed base, the pan/tilt kit will meet your expectations ! Arduino compatible.

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The Raspberry Pi’s dedicated camera module has just evolved! Discover the OmniBSI technology and rediscover the thrill of high-quality images...


Stereolabs has released a new ZED 2 depth camera, a stereoscopic camera designed for tracking vehicles and people with a very wide field of view.

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