Pi-Pan Pan-Tilt kit for Raspberry Pi camera

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Pi-Pan Pan-Tilt kit for Raspberry Pi camera
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Pi-Pan, a Pan-Tilt kit for Raspberry Pi Camera

Pi-Pan is a Pan-tilt kit (meaning it provides pan and tilt movements) that allows the Camera for Raspberry Pi (not included with the Pan-tilt) to be fitted. The Pi-Pan Pan-tilt kit provides a 180 degrees pan (from left to right) and a 110 degrees tilt (from top to bottom). Moreover the I2C interface is integrated so you can control an external i2c device such as a Pi-Light.
Thanks to Python programs you can control the movements and the camera (sample programs included)

The Pi-pan kit contains:

  • Plastic mounts for Raspberry Pi Camera and Servos
  • Servo controller board
  • Servo motors
  • screws


The following video shows what the Pan-tilt kit can do

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