USB Battery Pack for Raspberry Pi – 4400 mAh – 5 V @ 1 A

USB Battery Pack for Raspberry Pi – 4000 mAh – 5 V @ 2.1 A

Adafruit Industries | A-000000-01684
This Battery Pack for Raspberry Pi is an effective way of powering your projects on Raspberry Pi, Arduino or any other compatible 5 V board when on the move and for several hours.


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Size Chart

Portable Raspberry Pi charger: for autonomous electronic projects

The Raspberry Pi Battery Pack includes a rechargeable 4000 mAh lithium-ion battery and a charging circuit.

Originally designed for charging cell phones, iPhones and tablets, it’s also very effective for powering projects on Raspberry Pi since it delivers a constant 5 V voltage at a current of 2.1 A thanks to an internal power converter.

Simply plug your portable battery into your Raspberry Pi board using the micro-B USB cable provided to operate your project for several hours.

Your charger’s autonomy will depend on the device being powered, whether a Raspberry Pi alone or a Raspberry Pi connected to other devices (small displays, WiFi dongles, wireless keyboard, etc.).

Below is the Adafruit presentation video for the USB Battery Pack for Raspberry Pi (8:36)

Useful information about the portable 4000 mAh charger

In principle it’s possible to charge your portable battery while also powering your microcontroller, but efficiency is then reduced by 80% on both sides, which is why you’ll probably find it difficult to continue powering a device requiring a current up to 2.1 A.

The procedure will however work perfectly well with any device requiring a lower current. The Battery Pack’s on/off button serves only to turn the illuminated charge status display on and off.

You cannot turn the charger off while it’s connected to your Raspberry Pi, unless you use a USB cable equipped with a switch that will shut off the flow of current between the charger and the device being powered.

Technical specifications of the Raspberry Pi Battery Pack

  • 4000 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Output current: 5 Vdc @ 2.1 A
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Propeller and any other board powered by 5V
  • 4 LED status display (charge level)
  • On/off switch for the LED charge status display
  • micro-B USB cable supplied
  • Wall adapter not supplied
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