Extra 9-Wire Bundle Analyser Cable

Extra 9-Wire Bundle Analyser Cable

Extra 9-Wire Bundle Analyser Cable
Saleae Logic Analyzer | A-000000-01293
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You can always do with a spare 9-wire analyser cable for your Saleae Logic or Logic16 logic analyser!
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Extra 9-Wire Bundle Analyser Cable: avoid getting tied up in knots!

If you want to use a logic analyser, you’ll need to make sure you have an appropriate cable – and the Saleae Logic 9-wire analyser cable has all the features required for optimal use.

  • Each wire is a different colour
  • The wires do not get tangled up
  • The 9 wires are ultra-flexible
  • A test clip can be attached to the ends of the wires
  • You can also connect them to a .1in IDE-type pin


Compatibility and uses of the logic analyser cable

The logic analyser cable is designed for use with Saleae Logic and Logic16 analysers. Connect one end of your cable to your analyser, and position the 9 other ends at different places in the circuits you want to analyse and debug.

Technical specifications of the Saleae Logic analyser cable

  • 9-wire colour-coded cable
  • Compatible with Saleae Logic and Logic16 logic analysers
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