Logic Pro 16 Saleae Logic Analyser

Logic Pro 16 Saleae Logic Analyser

Logic Pro 16 Saleae Logic Analyser
Saleae Logic Analyzer | A-000000-01840
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Saleae has released its latest version of the Logic Pro 16: a 2-in-1 device that serves as both a logic and analogue analyser, allowing you to debug your circuits on 16 simultaneous channels, using numerous communication protocols.
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Saleae Logic Pro 16 Analyser: the Ferrari of logic analysers

With a storage capacity of 10 billion samples and more, on 16 simultaneous channels, the Logic Pro 16 by Saleae has already made a name for itself as an effective and easy-to-use logic analyser.

This new version offers the same pleasurable performance of the Logic 16; it’s capable of debugging a wide variety of communication circuits (I2C, SPI, CAN, 1-Wire and many more) and supports a total of 17 protocols.

All managed by ultra-simple software you can download for free, compatible not only with Windows but also Mac and Linux.

As always with Saleae, the final product is of the highest quality. It has an aluminium housing as robust and elegant as an iPod, test cables and probes, a carrying case – everything you need to make your debugging experience, once so laborious, as pleasant as possible.

Saleae Logic Pro 16 Analyser: software

Logic Pro 16: now a 2-in-1

And because you might also need to check the circuits connecting your project to its power supply or sensors, the Saleae Logic device now includes an analogue analyser.

Once again, high performance is the name of the game, in particular as you can use all 16 channels for the logic or analogue analysis of your circuits. A quick look at its technical specifications confirms the efficiency of the Logic Pro 16 Analyser, however it’s used.

Technical specifications of the Saleae analogue and logic analyser

  • Specifications of the logic analyser:
    • Sampling rate: 500 MS/s
    • Number of samples: +10 billion
    • Measurement of logic signals up to 100 MHz (2 channels at 100 MHz, 4 channels at 50 MHz, 8 channels at 25 MHz, 16 channels at 12.5 MHz)
    • Logic levels: 1.2–5.5V (works also with RS-232, RS-485 and RS-442/3)
  • Specifications of the analogue analyser:
    • Sampling rate: 50 MS/s @ 12 bits
    • -3dB bandwidth: 5 MHz (above this frequency, the signal will not be measured properly)
    • Voltage range: -10 to +10V
  • Comes with a USB cable (2 metre mini-B to A) and carrying case
  • Comes with 2 ultra-flexible 9-wire 22AWG 64/40 cables and 18 high-quality micro-probes
  • Weight: 220 g
  • Dimensions: 79.2 × 79.2 × 9.8 mm
  • USB 3.0 compatible
  • Windows, Mac and Linux compatible


Resources for the Logic Pro 16 Analyser

Here you’ll find all the technical data for download – we’ve compiled a list of everything you might need when using your Logic Pro 16 Analyser!

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