Raspberry Pi Starter Pack (without Raspberry Pi)

Raspberry Pi Starter Pack (without Raspberry Pi)

Raspberry Pi Starter Pack (without Raspberry Pi)
Adafruit Industries | A-000000-03013
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The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B little wonder truly deserved its own starter pack. Here’s one designed by Adafruit: full of compatible components to boost the memory capacity and autonomy of your next Pi 3 creation!

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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Starter Pack: let’s show off a bit more

Already proud of your Raspberry PI 3 Model B? Now there is even more to brag about: this exhaustive kit includes all the essential elements needed for boosting your board. The pack contains for instance a full size breadboard with a 40-pin GPIO cable, an 8 GB microSD Raspbian card newly updated for the Raspberry Pi 3, a high quality power supply and a console cable for all your debugging operations. And so much more!

Raspberry Pi Starter Pack: continuity through change

As intended by the designers of the good old raspberry, the Pi 3 architecture remains close to the 2nd generation so that you can re-use most elements purchased for the older sister. But if you hadn’t got your hands yet on a carrying case, a Cobbler Plus or other basic electronic parts (resistors, capacitor, LEDS, and so on), this starter pack has it all!

Technical specifications of the starter pack for Raspberry Pi 3 B

This pack contains:

  • 1 Raspberry Pi B+ case - smoke base / clear top. The Raspberry board is not included.
  • 1 assembled Pi Cobbler Plus connection kit with 40-pin GPIO cable
  • 1 full size breadboard
  • 20 premium male/male jumper wires
  • 1 USB to TTL serial cable
  • 1 8 GB microSD Card with NOOBS 1.9
  • 1 5V 2.4A switching power supply with 150 mm microUSB cable
  • 1 embroidered Raspberry Pi badge
  • 1 photocell
  • 5 10K 5% 1/4W resistors
  • 1 diffused 10 mm blue LED
  • 1 diffused 10 mm red LED
  • 1 diffused 10 mm green LED
  • 1 electrolytic capacitor - 1.0uF
  • 3 12 mm tactile switches

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