Dissipateur et ventilateur pour carte NVIDIA JETSON

Heat Sink and Fan for NVIDIA JETSON TX1 / TX2 Development Kit

NVIDIA | A-000000-04220

Add this heat sink and fan to your TX1 or TX2 NVIDIA Jetson board to avoid all risk of overheating.

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Size Chart

NVIDIA Jetson: a heat sink and fan for your TX1/TX2 board

With the TX1 and TX2 NVIDIA Jetson boards, it’s possible to carry out a wide range of experiments in a lab, a workshop or a classroom. These super systems’ computing power and memory are enough to create the most complex robotics projects.

This component integrates a heat sink and a fan for NVIDIA Jetson boards and is compatible with the TX1 and TX2 models. Made of aluminium, it protects circuit boards from overheating and will keep your graphics processing unit working at its best!

Technical specifications of the heat sink and fan for NVIDIA Jetson

  • Material: silver aluminium
  • Fin style: straight fin
  • Version: TX1/TX2 dev kit

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