Rover Pro mobile robot

Rover Pro mobile robot

Rover Pro mobile robot
Rover Robotics | A-000000-04692
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This 100% ROS four-wheel drive mobile base is an outdoor pro. Use this durable Rover to carry heavy loads on any terrain.

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Rover Pro mobile base: outdoor off-road chassis to perform difficult work

The Rover Pro mobile base is a four-wheel drive robotic platform , equipped with a military robust chassis. All-terrain tyres, 100 kg payload for 5 hours of autonomy , perfect manoeuvrability thanks to its zero turning radius... This autonomous robot will seduce the most demanding researchers and industrial designers.

Compatible with ROS , Rover Pro also gives you the benefit of its modular architecture. Sensors, video equipment, on-board computer: all the accessories can be used to transform this base according to your projects, whether they are related to research or industrial development.

Long life, high torque motors

In order to meet the requirements of the designers of the Rover Pro base and to provide it with all the necessary power, four 2050 KV motors can be counted on. Their very low torque guarantees the rotational force of the wheels, even when the robot is transporting very heavy loads, even on uneven ground. The brushless design of these motors gives them a much longer life guarantee than brushed motors .

The battery used to power this ROS platform is a high-energy-density lithium-ion. It has all the necessary safety features to protect the base in case of overload or undervoltage. It also features temperature, state of charge, current and voltage control technology.

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Technical specifications of the Rover Pro

  • 1x Rover Pro
  • 2WD or 4WD kit (choose your bundle)
  • 1x 294 Wh Battery
  • 1x Wall charger (7 hours of charge)
  • Dimensions: 62cm x 39cm x 25.4cm [24.4in x 15.4in x 10in]
  • Weight: 11kg [25lbs]
  • Max Speed: 2.5m/s [5.6mph]
  • Straight Line Payload Capacity: 100kg [220lbs]
  • Zero Turning Radius Payload Capacity: 25kg [55lbs]
  • Ground Clearance: 8cm [3.1in]
  • Operating Temp: -20C to 50C [0F to 120F]
  • Run time (basic usage): 5 hours
  • User Power: Unregulated 12V-16.8V
  • Shaft Material: Titanium
  • Motors: 2050KV inrunner Brush-less motors
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Embedded computer and navigation system sold separately
The Rover Pro mobile base is available in different configurations (type of wheels, battery power, charging station...). Our teams are at your disposal to determine the most suitable configuration for your use.