Ouster Ultra-Wide FOV OS0 32 Lidar (Rev 6)

Ouster Ultra-Wide FOV OS0 32 Lidar (Rev 6)

Ouster Ultra-Wide FOV OS0 32 Lidar (Rev 6)
Ouster | A-000000-05488
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Ouster’s OS0 LiDAR is an effective aid to robotic navigation, for highly accurate path analysis in real time.
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Ouster OS0 Digital LiDAR: a small device, lots of features

Ouster OS0 is a compact and modular LiDAR that offers many interesting features for roboticists wanting to optimise their navigation system:

  • It weighs just 447 g and has a retractable cap
  • Ouster’s L2X SoC innovation increases the LiDAR’s signal processing power and data output performance twofold
  • The OS0 LiDAR works in all weather conditions, including snow, rain, fog and smoke, and can identify its environment and obstacles even in low visibility, so can integrate sophisticated recognition and surveillance systems
  • It has inbuilt protection against dust and moisture ingress and can operate at temperatures of between -40 and 64 °C
  • The OS0 LiDAR’s sensors provide a volume of high-quality output data for more efficient and accurate calculation algorithms

In practice, the OS0 LiDAR designed by Ouster blurs the boundaries between video camera and laser capture. Robotic vision is thus increasingly accurate and precise, in all environments.

Gemini, a perception platform compatible with Ouster LiDAR

The Ouster Gemini platform aims to improve safety, intelligent transportation systems or smart cities. It enhances detection and classification performance with more accurate and comprehensive people and vehicle tracking data.

This advanced solution simplifies operations and is more cost-effective, as it requires less sensors.

The Unshakeable Alliance: AI-Optimized Ouster LiDAR for Technological Revolution

Ouster LiDAR utilizes Artificial Intelligence to optimize its technology for unprecedented speed and precision across a range of applications.

In the context of autonomous driving, AI plays a crucial role in processing the massive data collected by Ouster LiDAR sensors. The integration of AI enables Ouster LiDAR real-time decision-making, considering multiple parameters, thus enhancing road safety.

In the field of robotics, AI coupled with Ouster LiDAR data provides enhanced perception to robots. This enables them to navigate through complex environments, avoid obstacles, and accomplish various tasks autonomously.

In mapping, the combination of AI and Ouster LiDAR data allows for precise topography modeling. The 3D information obtained through LiDAR sensors facilitates the creation of detailed maps, thereby improving urban planning, resource management, and emergency response.

Artificial intelligence is thus indispensable in Ouster LiDAR technology.

Technical specifications of the OS0 32 LiDAR

  • Vertical resolution: 32 channels
  • Horizontal resolution: 512, 1024 or 2048
  • Range: 50 m
  • Vertical field of view: 90° (±45°)
  • Vertical angular resolution: 0.7-5.5°
  • Precision: ±1.5-5 cm
  • Points per second: 655 360
  • Rotation rate: 10 or 20 Hz
  • Power draw: 14-20 W
  • Weight: 447 g
  • Ingress protection (dust, water): IP68, IP69K
  • Synchronization options: PTP and NMEA/PPS
  • On-the-fly programming: frame rate and horizontal resolution
  • Fixed angle data measurement
  • Multi-sensor crosstalk resistance
  • Bayonet connector
  • Over-the-network firmware updates
  • Output: range, intensity, reflectivity, ambient NIR, azimuth angle, timestamp
  • Pixel returns: 2

Ouster LiDARs are available in 2 versions: V6 and V7. What are the key differences between the 2 versions?

Read our comparison below.

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