TEC800 Mobile Tracked Robot (UGV)

TEC800 Mobile Tracked Robot (UGV)

TEC800 Mobile Tracked Robot (UGV)
Angatec | A-000000-05338
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The TEC800 mobile robot is a tracked, remote-controlled UGV unit. It’s a powerful and customisable platform, ideal for research and R&D centres wanting to work on robotics applications.

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An obstacle-proof platform

The TEC800 tracked robot is a platform designed to be both powerful and agile:

  • It can carry up to 800 kg of material
  • Slopes, inclines, stairs, obstacles – this tracked robot is equipped with all the systems and shock absorbers necessary to overcome uneven terrain
  • The TEC800 can reach speeds of up to 12 km/h.
  • It has an IP66 waterproof rating, which is the highest level of protection against dust, and also means the platform can withstand strong jets of water arriving from all directions
  • The TEC800 robot is equipped with efficient brushless motors and requires no maintenance
  • Its removable Li-ion batteries give it an autonomy of 22 km





A robot you can control from up to 5 km away

The TEC800 has 2 communication modes: a WiFi module (up to 1000 metres away) and a military grade radio (optional) for controlling the platform from up to 5 km away. The robot is also equipped with its own monitoring system, so you can check its operating status whenever you want in real time.

The robot’s activity is recorded continuously in a black box, meaning you can also use your TEC800 for reconnaissance, surveillance and environmental monitoring missions.

Customise your TEC800 to your needs

Thanks to its 800 kg payload and generous size, this platform can accommodate a wide range of accessories, from an autonomous navigation module to a video or weather monitoring system. So you can easily transform your TEC800 into a surveillance, transport or recognition robot.

1st in the CoHoMa robotics challenge

Angatec's TEC800 tracked robot won first prize at the CoHoMA robotics challenge, an event jointly organised by Battle Lab Terre and the Defence Innovation Agency. This event allows civilian manufacturers to learn about military requirements by confronting them with real challenges in the field.

A platform used by the fire brigade

The TEC800 remotely operated robot is the result of several years of research and development in collaboration with the fire service. Thanks to its impressive performance, it is a real support during dangerous operations: risk of explosions, very low visibility, high temperature...

TEC800, a mobile platform used by firefighters

Technical specifications of the TEC800 robot

Included in the pack:

  • 2 TEC800 batteries + charger
  • 2 rubber tracks
  • Front headlights (2x3500lm)
  • Side headlights (2x1750lm)
  • Rear headlights (2x3500lm)
  • Front/rear signal light
  • Hour meter
  • Towing ball
  • Front driving camera
  • Rear driving camera
  • IMU (inertial measurement unit)
  • GNSS module (+ a second IMU included in the GNSS module)
  • Two GNSS antennas on the robot to calculate the heading
  • TECTab remote control
  • WiFi radio module (1000m range in open field)
  • Access ramps


  • CE certified
  • Two brushless electrical motors with parking brakes, temperature sensor and position sensor
  • Shock absorbers, tension system, anti-roll system and locking hubs
  • Max. payload: 800 kg
  • Max. power: 17.8 kW
  • Slope: 45°
  • Side slope: 35°
  • Stairs: yes
  • Obstacle clearance: 35 cm
  • Max. speed: 12 km/h
  • Autonomy: up to 22 km
  • Temperature: >500 °C (with self-protection option activated)
  • Charging time: 4.5 h
  • Removable Li-ion batteries
  • Control system: WiFi (PT19) or military grade radio (PT20)
  • Range: up to 5,000 m
  • Monitoring:Sealing: IP66

Black box / Data logger

  • Control interface: remote control and/or smartphone and/or rugged tablet (Windows, Android, iOS)
  • Dimensions (w/o accessories): 1,600 x 685 x 790 mm
  • Weight: 500 kg

Interfacing with the robot

The robot has a computer that merges data from the inertial unit, GNSS and wheel encoders. By connecting via Ethernet, you can also access information on the status of the robot and the battery and control the motors at speed.

To connect your payload (other sensors or PC), you also have access to a power connector (40 - 60V, 48V nominal).

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