Vitirover - Autonomous Robotic Lawn Mower for Farming (Academic version)

Vitirover - Autonomous Robotic Lawn Mower for Farming (Academic version)

Vitirover - Autonomous Robotic Lawn Mower for Farming (Academic version)
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Vitirover is an autonomous robotic mower designed to maintain vegetation in predefined plots, even in the most complex agricultural environments.

Available in November

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Vitirover, an eco-friendly and autonomous robot lawn mower

Made in France, The Vitirover robotis an eco-friendly, easy-to-deploy, mowing solution that doesn't damage soil, trees, vines or plants.

Vitirover: key benefits

  • Autonomy: Vitirover can mow large areas without any human assistance. Its powerful algorithms means it can work autonomously for up to 16 hours a day. .
  • Eco-friendly: Powered by sunlight, the Vitirover mobile robot is not only autonomous, but also environmentally friendly. Unlike tractors or electric robot mowers, it produces no greenhouse gases and is an alternative to herbicides such as glyphosate.
  • Complex environments: thanks to its compact size, the Vitirover can be used in areas that are difficult for humans or tractors to access (e.g. photovoltaic farms, motorway verges, railway lines, airports, etc.).
  • Soil-friendly: thanks to its light weight, Vitirover avoids soil compaction, that can be caused by tractors.
  • Safety: With its built-in sensors, Vitirover is designed to avoid obstacles and stop mowing if an item or an animal gets in its way.
  • Connectivity: Vitirover can be connected to a smartphone through the Viticloud dedicated interface. Thanks to this, the operator can control and monitor the robot's performance remotely.
  • User-friendly: the Vitirover mobile robot is easy to install and to run. Once programmed, it runs on its own.

Solar-powered charging dock

Thanks to its solar panel, Vitirover can run for up to 16 hours a day, depending on the amount of sunlight. An optional charging dock can be installed to keep the robot working at all times.

Viti-Cloud web dashboard

The Viti-Cloud web platform offers a user-friendly interface to the robots shepherd (the robots fleet manager), who can monitor, service, manage and even control the robots remotely.

The Viti-Cloud platform provides real-time technical data, including battery status, motor energy consumption, mowing efficiency, coverage rate of targeted areas, and much more. It also creates detailed reports based on the data collected.

Live images are captured by the on-board cameras, and they are streamed to the shepherd. thanks to the remote-control functionality.

Thanks to the remote functions, the robot's shepherd can operate remotely if necessary.

Viti-Cloud web dashboard

Vitirover: a robot for higher education and research

The Vitirover robot promotes collaboration between teachers, students and researchers in universities and research labs. Teams can work together on many subjects, such as AI, IoT, solar energy, fog computing, etc.

Possible subjects to study

  • IA & Machine Learning
  • Programming (from No Code through C++)
  • Connectivity, IoT, Fog Computing
  • Low Consumption System
  • Sensors & Binocular RGB Cameras
  • Web Dashboard & SAAS
  • Fully loaded Mechatronic
  • Renewable Energy / Solar Panel
  • Rechargeable and Fixable Batteries
  • Best Navigation Management
  • Autonomous 4WD Vehicle
  • Geolocation (Optimal LIDAR Mapping)
  • Rover & Space or Military Applications
  • Space Servicing by robots fleets
Vitirover Autonomous Robotic Lawn Mower for Farming

Note: Cutting blades are included but not fitted.

Learning by doing

The Vitirover mobile robot delivers a user-friendly experience, combined with an industrial grade piece of equipment, making it a captivating teaching aid. It enables users to learn and practice programming languages such as C, C++, Python, or even the Scratch language.

The robot incorporates various navigation strategies that can be tested, refined and nurtured by the AI (the robot records a lot of data from its movements). What's more, the robot comes with some basic content:

  • Basic code already uploaded, very quick to run and modify, to make the robot move in demo mode
  • A Vitirover interface enabling direct and easy coding via a PC/Screen
  • Access to our Viticloud (Web platform for monitoring the robot's behaviour and indicators)

The university version is compatible with ROS 1 and Github

Vitirover: what applications?






Technical specifications of the Autonomous Agricultural Robot Trimmer

  • Dimensions ( L x W x H ): 75 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Consumption: 1 W/kg
  • Autonomous movement: Yes
  • Max speed: 900 m/h
  • Wheel drive: 4 WD
  • Drive motors: 4 (1 per axle)
  • Sound level: 40 dBA
  • Max slope (based upon soil): 15 à 20%
  • Web based dashboard: yes
  • Cutting block: Option
  • Front cameras (RGB): 2
  • Inertial sensor: IMU
  • Power supply: Solar Panel
  • Charging dock station: Option
  • Geolocation (GNSS): GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo
  • Geolocation (RTK): Yes (Licence not included)
  • Security geolocation: Security battery
  • Anti-Theft / Safety shut-off: Remote / Lift / Auto
  • Safety feature: Lift Auto Shut Off
  • Emissions (CO2/Chemicals): 0
  • Soft design kit: Protobuf(JSON) via USB
  • Robot Operating System: ROS 1 Compatible
  • Optional sensors: LiDAR / Ultrasound
  • Cutting blades: Included but not fitted
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