Diablo - Self-Balancing Wheeled-Leg Robot

Diablo - Self-Balancing Wheeled-Leg Robot

Diablo - Self-Balancing Wheeled-Leg Robot
Direct Drive | A-000000-06428
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The Diablo robot is an innovative robot with 3 different movement modes, which can be used for Research and Development as well as a variety of commercial applications.

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Diablo: An Agile, Powerful, and Innovative Robot

Developed by Direct Drive Tech, the one of a kind Diablo robot can move quickly on any terrain, including uneven and rugged surfaces. With its 6 direct-drive motors, it can reach a top speed of 10 km/h and climb slopes of up to 30 degrees.

1 robot, 3 different modes

Different modes of the Diablo robot

To go further, you can equip your Diablo with sensors such as a high-resolution camera to capture images and video in real time or a 3D perception system to map its environment and detect obstacles. It also has a high-capacity battery that enables it to run for 4 hours (Creeping Mode).

Advantages of the Diablo Robot

Robot Diablo: A Robot for Research and Development

The Diablo robot can be used in various commercial applications, such as surveillance and security, delivery, infrastructure inspection, etc. Furthermore, its simple design and high-performance hardware make it a powerful tool for learning and research.

Diablo can adapt to each user's needs through its customizable interface, offering maximum flexibility and versatility to handle any situation. With Diablo, the possibilities are endless for exploring new frontiers in robotics and automation.

Features of the Diablo Robot

Programmable & Open-Development Platform

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The Diablo robot in videos

Technical Specifications of the Diablo Robot

  • Weight: 22.9 kg
  • Dimensions (standing mode): 540×371×491mm
  • Dimensions (creeping mode): 540×371×270mm
  • Maximum load (standing mode): 4 kg
  • Maximum load (creeping mode): 80 kg
  • Operating noise: <49dB
  • Maximum travel speed: 7.2 km/h
  • Standing mode autonomy: 3 hours at an ambient temperature of 25°C
  • Creeping mode autonomy: 4 hours at high speed and an ambient temperature of 34°C
  • Squatting mode autonomy: 15 minutes at an ambient temperature of 25°C
  • Jump height: 8 cm without load

Diablo self-balancing platform resources

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